i'm back people!!
oh, i was just visiting Malacca the last 2days, no big deal.
it was fine. thank you.
oh what the hell with acting like a complete jackass that is cool with everything!
i was having a BLAST there!!!
i'm sharing my whole experience with you people.
be GREATFUL. and feel free to "wow" and be jealous. LOL

Chaptiere 1: The Villa

Photographer: Say "kimchi' everyone!!
All: Yeah. Cheese~~

All: done..
then, *do what we do best*

YAY! it's a FRIGGIN pool!!
*thinking* is it safe to jump in here?
everyone, behold... THE porch

our own pool manager. (my uncle)

me: WHERE'S MY COFFEE?!? i swear.. useless.. *mumbles*

reach dy then automatically open a bag of seaweed
and then *chomp chomp*

Chaptiere 2: Rain at Pasar Malam & Cowboy Town

*still havent upload the pasar malam yet. Mayb i'll do it 2moro.. *
*or the next day.. or the next next day.. depends*

An early MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.
*Hohoho!! Merry Christmas*

sipping lemon tea with a straw while holding a damn monkey head.

here: Me beating a monkey head. =D
*ohmygosh, what the hell?! my face is so, SO... SO... WRONG!!*
Cute baby tigers..
fail attempt on being a.... whatever.. Zz. face look kinda funny
i wonder wat i was portraiting.

i swear.. =.= it was looking straight at me while i was posing for the camera
thank goodness for the cage.
my attempt on being a joker. *smiles*

My first rodeo ride! woots!!

what the hell is this doing here?!?
NOOOoOooO~~ now u all noe my failure. *sobs sobs*
*hides in shame*
i blurred my face, cz i don wanna make u all sleepless just because u saw my stupid expression. =P
fireworks~~ nothing to say much about it.
going for a 4D show.
Now Showing: The Haunted Mansion
my cousin is scared *wat a wussy* n tats his expression.
okay okay, i'm telling u my experience while i'm in there.
i dont have the picture. but hey.
A Short Story
I was searching for my seat when i rush in.
and there i stay seated eagerly cause i think this show today was kinda fun.
My seating was like crowned and made just for me. *exaggerating*
Happily and excitedly, i waited.
Okay, the fun starts here.
The show starts and we were experiencing all those 4D effects
i think u'll noe wat i mean people.
yes, the air gushing at ur face, the seat tilted left, right, up, and down,
ur legs touched by those moving tubes (no, its not really spider like creature crawling or touching ur stinky feet)
and the most fun part was the water mist on ur face
and guess wat...
Mine broke. instead of mist getting out.
it shoot the water out at my right eye. =.=
yesh... water gushing out.
i was like *unbuckle, jumps, shouts*
thank goodness nobody care wat i was doing.
my 4D glasses and my specs blocked the impact. thank goodness for tat
and i went out like an idiot with my hair wet on my right side.
THE END.. Zz.. thank you.

Chaptiere 3: The Second Day, the fun starts
To infinity. And BEYOOOOoOOnD~
AHA!! check out the big gun.. Lolx
My first ride on a wat-wat-cart. *yes, i forgot the name*
and guess wat??? i was the one driving!!
yes, i pass.. well, barely..
at least i didnt kill anyone. *eye's sparkling*
i'm sorry i have to put u into hell for the 3laps, siao yi. =P
hey people, if u wanna play this, MAKE SURE u have an extra clothing.
bcz u might get dirty since u're riding tat thing "fast-and-furious-style" while splashing the puddles of dirt.
see those spots at my clothes, tats dirt.. WET dirt. eww.
mum and bro playing archery. i dono how they did on the aiming
cz i was busy knocking my socks of driving the cart like a wildwomen. =D
My bro on action. Fu-yoh~
but aiming still sucks. need to practice. =P

everyone had a chance at being a temporary gunner
there's my mum
Don't mess with her, she's a badarse and tough mum. Lolx!
Chicks kick ass!!
What a poser. but it's really funny. LOLX

Birds of a flock.. blah blah.

Animals! The otters and raccoons are so CUTE!!!
even the otters recycle.
YOU ALL should be ashamed of urself!
making this poor thing do all those dirty works.
i feel so sorry for him. *sobs*

That's all For Now..
i mean Bye bye
Checking out.. Zzzz. *beep*

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