A trip to KL tower and another ep of camwhoring

Okay.. i'm a lil bit slow on update.
cause i'm very lazy to upload pic to the comp.
i dont have the right cable for my retarded phone(not mine actually)
so i have to change the memory card back and forth to my psp.
cz i have the cable for that.
okay. If those who dont unds, then dont unds it.
cause its all crap. Okay. Lets start it!

Thursday, 11 Dec

We went up the tower, and here what it looks like.
For those who havent go there, i recommend u to have a lil visit.
OKAY, i'll just show u some pics BEFORE we get there.
i bet its gonna hurt ur eyes. =P lolx

start my camwhore job early that day. lolx this was taken when i'm outside my aunt's condo.take for fun~~ nice wad
impersonating a monkey. =D i AM a monkey
ulzzang~~ baka, fesso, bai chi
i took this pic because the shape of that building fascinates me. I'm weird. i KNOW~

All: Get on with it! we dont want to see your stupid pics! Where's the KL tower view??!
Me: Okay.. this is my blog, i'm gonna show u when i feel like it. =.= so stop threathening me! jeez, Why are these people so impatient?

HERE! *blocking the whole view* dummy.

Nice aye? Okay.. i took this pic because i need to show u how mini they are. just forget the fact that i look better in the dark okay?

=DDDD. I'm making no sense

We even get to stop on the new mini zoo.
No kidding, its really small only.

I dono what its called but all i know is: its cute.

i dont think u know what this is
WeEee spiders~~ there's a whole lot of spiders and snakes there

This monkey is really small . They even have a white baboon there. But its really fierce, i didn't take its picture cause i hate it. The stupid baboon bang the glass wall when i was taking pics of him. I got scared so i left him alone. =P

They should add this dog too! =D i call it "The Posing Dog". Look how elegant he is. Zz.. *no, he is not for sale, he's MINE*

Okay, thats all for Kl tower. now a little space about my new haircut!
=DDD *drum rolls*
yeah.. a lil difference onli. =.= NOT!
u see my real person only u come comment me ya. lolx!

alright then. ciaoz~

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