Best friends

I saw this in my e-mail.
Someone sent it to me. well, i think its kinda sweet. So, i decided to make a post about it.
here goes to all my besties. Hope you all are grateful or else.

Friend: Call your parents Mr and Mrs.
Best friend: Call your parents mum and dad.

Friend: has never seen you cry
Best friend: has always had the best shoulders to cry on.

Friend: never ask for anything to eat or drink.
Best friend: opens the fridge and makes herself at home.

Friend: ask you to write down your number.
Best friend: they ask you for their number (cause they can't remember it)

Friend: borrows your stuffs for a few days then gives it back.
Best friend: has a closet full of your stuffs.

Friend: only knows a few things about you.
Best friend: could write a biography on your life.

Friend: will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing
Best friends: will always go with you.

*my version*
Friend: always be careful of what they say to you
Best friend: says bad words and teases you (yet you don't get angry but laugh at them)

Friend: say hi when they see you on the streets.
Best friend: greet you like a maniac and makes fun of you when they bump into you.

Friend: buy teddy bears or necklace for you birthday.
Best friend: make ridiculous stuffs that don't make any sense yet you still treasure it like gold.

Friend: ask your permission to borrow you stuffs.
Best friend: just take whatever things when they feel like it.

Friend: read this blog and forgets it.
Best friend: get really emotional touched when they read this. =P

That's all. Don't you all feel special, my friends??
See the difference for yourself la wei~ i added some too to make it longer.
This will be my last post this year.
hng, really homesick la now. Every now and then my friend will call me or message me to online just because wanna find me chat. asking me "Oy, when you coming back?", "babi, don't want choi me dy. You careful i tell you", "kns you"
hahaha! imitate them (joeyee and joann) xD
Since its my last post i think i'll make it longer just for the sake of infecting your retarded brain! aren't you happy??? That'll be my present to you for this christmas then. lolx

Short Story
Okay, last few days (i totally forgot what day. i don't even know what day it is today. retarded dy. OMG), Gizmo here(my bestie) send a picture of a lump to me.
Then she ask me to guess. What the heck, i thought it look like a dead hamster in a jar full of weird liquid. Cause her home got one hamster i thought she died of depression. xD cause my hamster die dy. Originally put together. But then the female bit my hamster's ass and then died the next day (wth).
I ask her what the hell is that. Then she answer what you know?
"My mom got an operation today. and this was the lump they took out"
i was like.. WHAT?!?! ZOMG. *bleeeeeh*
Coincidently, i just finish eating.(FYI, i'm very full okay)
and she send a laughing message to me. =.= i can practically heard her laughing in the Ipoh Hospital. knn. it was like "HawHawHaw"

Another Short Story
as you all know, it's Christmas day next week. And my friends and i have planned to go to Genting Highland for the countdown. FINALLY.
What the hell. Before this plan you know how many trouble we have gone through??
It's like hell. First, we were planning on this, then cancel then that. Then all kind of problem just flew out of nowhere.
The funniest thing was this. Joann was asking me to check for rooms for Genting Highland.
I checked and checked and checked. ALMOST all also full, headache man!
Then we found a suitable price room, where we can ACTUALLY afford to book.
Happily i click the book icon and start filling out the form. Fill fill fill, i couldn't find my birthdate cause i was too effin young to book any retarded hotels.
Fine, i'll ask joann, then she gave me his bro's detail.
I retype everything again and then submit. When you book for a hotel, you need credit card rite? okay, some of my frens don't know. So when i ask for it, all blank. BLANK i tell ye.
We were like going crazy asking who can actually get a credit card number from an adult. Nobody dares la of course, adult really difficult to deal with you know? They will eventually nag nag nag then when they gives the number, they will still lecture you non-stop until you can feel your ear bursting. After a free lecturing, they'll remember it, then take it out for fun in the future so they can remind and nag you about it. True, i don't know why but adults really enjoy nagging although they say they very lazy to nag. Yet they are so energetic to do so.

AND THEN, (i always get side-tracked when i am telling a story)
we give up. And have some crazy idea to NOT sleep while we're there.
If someone is sleepy then we'll slap him/her until they start yelling or response. lolx
Luckily, yesterday got one friend of mine manage to book 1 room for 8 people.
Sorry, it's 9 now. NINE!!! in a small and packed room. I wish nobody would fart then (like my fesso bro just now) cause the smell can get into everyone's nose and pollute their mouth. ew..

End and END! Bye Bye! Merry christmas everyone!

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