cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes!
who doesnt love'em?
I do! what about you?
I have a weakness for them all~

My fav stop to buy cakes is "Secret recipe"
The cakes that they bake taste oh-so-heavenly. i can literally feel it.
well, my fav cake is the yogurt cheesecake.
i've never miss a chance to buy a slice if i'm craving for sugars

Anyway, here's some photo's i like to share.

here's the miniature cake set
more mini cakes, guarantee to give you the same satisfaction

Brain cakes! make sure u have ur brain cake today

The chef cake

The halloween ghost cakes
baby blocks cakes

Word cakes

For all you punk lovers, this is recommended
a pink skull cake

Husband on leash. i'm ordering this one next time =D

Want some poopy cake? =D
Funky monkey in bikini cake. lolx

My personal favorite: the Joey Biscotti! lolx

What about all of you? Share some of your experience or whatever in my cbox ok??

Merry christmas everybody!! here are some great celebration cakes just for you

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