Dinner at King Crab

Today went dinner at King Crab.
It's really far though, i didnt expect us to take so much time to reach there
it took us about 1hour to reach there.
OMFG, sit in the car, waiting to get out,
see my face in the mirror n did a lot of silly expression while nobody is looking.
yeah~~ babe yeah~~
Here are some pics tat i would like to share~
the moment we see them alive..
n then the moment we eat them like barbarians..
enjoy. *grins*

before it was cooked..

it looked like this..

Poor lil crab n lobsters..
still dono their fate to be eaten by us,
the hungry bastard.

"i'm stretching.. "
those r abalone. kinda weird n disgusting if u ask me..

this Fish is REALLY HUGE
After that..

they were killed. *prays*
deliciously of course.
UuU~~ YUM~~

eating crab oso so happy.

Grandma "My teeth hurts! *KRAK*"
i was just kiddin. wahaha

i dono wat he is doing.
he looks like he's searching for something.

our guest on the left, and the sponsor for today's dinner on the right.
Thank you so much for this wonderful meal.

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