emo.. much?

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fuh.. i was just thinking.. like..
since we're going to form 5 next year,
my buddies and i would go somewhere after that.
Some may go to university, some college, and some still studying in Form 6.
I hate this. and then in the future, we would work like cows.
and then gave birth to nasty monkeys,
and then we age and become old and wrinkly,
and then..

WOOW, wait! *rewind*

thats thinking too far. =.=

Okay, my point is there is always something happening
that will cause ur friendships to fade and disappear.
No matter how long u have take to know and get use to new humans.
they will eventually *poof* gone just like that.
Well, to me, getting to know new friends is kinda hard for me.
okay, REAL hard. Here i'll expain.

I'll maybe give a quiet and timid impression (well, mayb to SOME, okay.=.=)
some may think i'm dorky/geek-ish and not social like.
I HAVE a social-life too thank you.
I would normally be scared, if i meet girls with horns on their head, a tail, and is grabbing a weapon-like thingy with 3 pointy thing on the head.
yeah, terrified. U noe wat i mean??
I mean like those biatches that likes to gossip, trash, and make-fun of people.
They are real-life mean-girls.
I've seen those ppl before and I sometimes, AM a mean girl who make-fun of ppl
awrite, for example, when my girls and i saw some really funny looking girl or dude, we would like *whisper whisper* and laugh.... even to fat ppl. WTH?! IS FAT SO FUNNY TO YOU?!? HUH?!?! HUH?!?!!?!?
Okay, i feel guilty when i did that, and i'm not ALWAYS doing that.
Thats... really... mean, girls, lets not do that ever again.
Back to the point, people... As i was saying, i am a little shy meeting new person.
but as you grew to know me better, u'll think i'm crazy or whatever.

Well... Its very hard to interact with these species.
First of all, they talk different, their manners is like = 0, ZeRo, and they tend to tease you and make fun of ur names or even create one for you, like smelly monkey or whatever.
and yeah, some guys thinks that they are so tough or adorable that they think every female in the world would like, fall for them or crush on them even though the truth is WE ARE NOT.
Man, the ego. Zz.. i hate these people. To me, they are just simple creatures that dont think much and acts first, think later.
But on the other hand, there are some who can be very good friends to us and understands our needs. Like a girl.... But majority, these kind of guys are either too sensitive or they are gays.
If not, then they are saints from heaven that exist in like one in a millions of ppl.
Remember the sayings that "there is no such thing as best friends between a girl and a guy"
...That's just retarded...
I doubt that and i think its possible if we dont cross the line.

*sigh* and in the end, the only ppl that we can rely to is family,
no matter how far or how long you nv meet them,
they will stay loyal to you, and love you very much.
They will not wilt and leave you even if you want them too.

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