Gothic and blah blah blah

Since i dont have anything to do,
i'll try to explain something.
I saw a post on youthsays, and someone ask about gothic and stuffs.
So.. i'll try to be usefull.

There are many meanings, so i'll do it my way.
some might say its a stereotype.
I think its just a some emo kids fashion of dark and weird chains or somesort.
They even remind me of vampires... hmm..
Think of suicide every now and then, wear weird clothings to scare people off and they are trying their best not to stand out to much in a crowd(?)
Fav colour:Black(of course), purple, reds, darkish blue or even green
pretty??? FOR A MAGAZINE PAGE of course.

red and black.. hmm.. but wait! see the rest

Guys ways of wearing goth. freaky.

Black, black, black, chokers, black. Oo, purple bangs. O.o

nice?? NOT

What gothic kids usually wear
They even called themselves Lolita
But it kinda look good on the dolls. doesnt it??

similar to gothic. but these fashion are more easy on the eyes
There are many fashion lines in punk.
Most punk create their own band and music.
Their fashion is just as badass.
was intended to look confrontational, shocking, and rebellious.
Fav colours: black and pink

ew.. i mean EWw! this look kinda "A" but. whatever.
have u notice the blood?
They even teach us how to be punks.

Wth is this model trying to mimic?? My grandma???
Jap girls take it to the next level
Our punk ambassador~! Avril
This is just disgusting.
These are MORE horrifying. do not go bald!!
Remember gatsby commercial??

i dono what this stands for too. so i'll just search in wikipedia
  1. Someone with a shaved head.
  2. Member of the skinhead subculture arising in late 1960s England or its diaspora.
  3. Someone, often associated with a violent gang,and also thought to adhere to white-supremacist or anti-immigrant principles.
look how pretty they are with wigs.

i cant find any interesting pics anymore except for more bald guys.
if you're interested search for urself or go catch ur younger siblings and shave their hairs off.

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