Hohoho, Merry Christmas Santa~!!

Santa exist!!!
No, all you liers, santa really exists!!

Before i go back to my hometown aka Teluk Intan I have decided to make a list of my most wanted presents. I hope Mr. Claus with grant my wish. (some also can, better than nothing wad)
  1. Camera (priority)
  2. chocolate, CHocolaTE, CHOCOLATES!!!
  3. Bikini!!
  4. Wallet. Dang it, i haven't found one. i wan Roxy's ones~~ *whine*
  5. Bags and shoes. =D (2 items)
  6. clothes got dy. haha
  7. streamyx or any internet line will do
  8. money $_$
  9. Music talent
  10. Beige room (i'm asking too much)
  11. Mirror. Lots of giant mirrors in ma room.
  12. Friends and family's happy
  13. Perfume~
  14. Evil laugh
  15. jackets/hoodies. more more MORE
  16. make more DIY stuffs (depends on me)
  17. hair to grow much faster so i can ruin it again.
  18. Novels for teen chicks or comics would be fine.
  19. Pens. colourful pens. =D
  20. Snows to fall in Malaysia! (that would take a miracle)
  21. Christmas carolers to stop at my doorstep and sing to me!

Omigawd, i'm so greedy. Random stuff i choose.
So there. If you guys wanna buy presents for me ( and she thinks there's gonna be. NOT )
Buy stuffs i wrote up there ya. I don't want teddy bear or useless things like EARRINGS anymore (FYI, I DON'T HAVE ANY DAMN HOLES TO POKE IN MY EAR LOBES)
thats terrible. nobody should deserve that fate. nobody i tell ya.

So, come on.
Be my Santa and/or a saint.
*innocent eyes*
pretty please?

*BAAM* (sound of door shuts)

:P goodbye everyone, see you next 6 months (or less, better)
*P.s. because i dont have a friggin net in my hometown

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