i HATE pop-ups!!!!!

ergh.. well, if i'm on the net,
i DONT wish to be interrupted.
Its really annoying and its irritating.
i cant stand pop-ups! even though i have a blocker for them

i even notice everytime i open my blog page
there's a pop-up blocked. and guess what.
i open the page and its about a boutique selling clothes on net.
i mean "WHAT THE EFFIN?!"
cant u just leave our blogs alone??
don your own ads wat some place where no ppl even cares.

even if u want to do ur ads here,
i ask for money okay. Zzz.
i feel for u, those ppl who dont have pop-up blockers,
(i dont think so there's many cause the tech is like... O.o now.)
Ciaoz~ i'm going to KL tower now. WooHoo~!

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