Innit, new friends. lolx

Made some new friends on innit.
Its my first time posting a post about chocolate. post post post.
Then i saw a chatbox on the right side of the page.
So i thought it would be fun to chat with them. But i'm not good with people. =P
I've meet loads of cool bloggers, and some of them are even younger than me! lolx.

and here a guy named kenny was so shocked to learn that many of his online blogger friends are 14, 15 and so.

very funny and entertaining, indeed. He even made a post about it. lolx!
Here are some cool young bloggers. also mention in the above post.

Naim, the 15
Konea, the 14
Angelin, the 14

I enjoyed myself today. haha!
Support Young bloggers!

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