My idea to waste time.

I have found a way to kill my useless time!

1. Post rules in your blog. For those tagged, copy and past these rules.
2. Tag 3 people or more after you have done this.
3. Link the people you have tag in the same post.
4. Enjoy. =D

5 Facts About You

Fact 1!
I have retarded toes and ear. =D
Both my big toes grows senget toward my other toes.
and my second toe is the longest among them all. weirdly long

Fact 2!
I put one of my leg on the chair when i'm eating.
Its gross but i only do that in my own home, so don't worry
I wont do that IF there are guest

Fact 3!
I have an weird urge to peel my eyelashes when my eyes are itchy
and peel my lip's skin when its dry.
I'm as gross as i can be. =D i bet you dont know that huh? lolx!
no, i'm kidding. i'm not gross people, please dont run away from me. T.T

Fact 4!
I speak weird chinese
I dono but my friends say so. =.=
and people, Convent girls don't ACTUALLY speak english in school as you thought they would

Fact 5!
I'm originally from "Pasir Bedamar" aka the down place of town.
They have reputation of producing bad individual there. (not ALL)
I'm glad i'm not a bagan badass. =P

Tag Tag Tag~!!!
graciie xoxo.rain zoe rence

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