News of the Blogger

Well, lets start.
I've read my cbox and i got myself a hater.
here's a message for you.
I cant stand negative comments on my blog.
You see, i'm a very emotional girl and i take comments like this to a whole new level.
*razor blade/parang/butcher's knife/etc*
should i see one more comments like this:
"You suck! u blah! yada yada yada"
i'll send my blood to your face. =.=

nahz, i was just kidding. write all u want on my page.
seriously, i dont care. =D, just be sure not to do that on other ppl pages
They might commit suicide you know. lolx
you are my first hater M-16, i'll never forget you. (but i dono how you look like though)

oh yeah, i got my haircut today.
but i dont have any pictures of me. =P
i'll update if i have a chance ok?
ciaoz everyone~

P.S. i'm eating steamboat later. yay!! be jealous. bahaha! i doubt u would. zz

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