People who is ugly. Dont you worry

urm, first of all i didnt mean to offend anybody with the word "ugly"
well, for me, i'm classified as ugly too (to me)
in other words, we're just normal looking girls.
who see many pics of pretty girls, and get jealous

yes, i'm one of them.
and not proud if it. I get jealous very easily but i dont show it much to ppl
i dont talk much when i'm jealous,
I dont feel good and i tend to look here and there, like i'm flustered.... or something.
I fill my mind with jealousy.
It sounds creepy, yes, it does.
Zz.. If it gets me, i'll rant about it to my frens like saying
"I wish i was born so pretty/i wish blah blah blah"
and yeah, i repeat those words WAY too much.
I cant stop myself although i swear to myself that i wont say those sentence again.
and everytime, I.... FAILED. urgh.

Here are some videos i discover at youtube. (Youtube are SOOO useful)
i have to say, that girl/man shocked me with the before and after videos
like this.. O___________O
see for urself

in conclusion, u dont need to worry about your looks.
eventually, u'll learn how to make-up and make pretty much fake and pretty faces
and when you get married, go show ur real shocking, scary, no-make-up face to your husband and have fun scaring him. =DDD
*no, i was just joking*

i'm experimenting on these stuffs, make-up like an얼짱 ulzzang*.
big eyes is a HUGE deal for having pretty faces.

*Ulzzang = in korea, it means best face. Like ppl who have prettier face than average people

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