Review: Pirates Of Caribbean 3

Today i've watched the 3rd Pirates of Caribbean movie: At world's end.
Yesh, i've just watched TODAY.
I'm very outdated. It came out last year and yet i watch it this year, (and its Dec)
So, i'm gonna review about it since there's nothing interesting happen today. =D
Apart of my bro and my cousin have a "Fart war"
.... yeah.. fart... =.= They are very sick. i think i'm gonna suffocate here.
SOOOooo whatever~ here..

1. If you never watch the 1st and 2nd ones, don't skip, cause i bet u don't even know what the hell is going on.
2. For me, i've watched the previous ones, BUT i still don't unds what is going on.
3. Due to their epic pirate language they speak, it pretty much make no sense to me and yet i still finish it.
4. The movie is very long.. TOO long perhaps.
5. I'm in it because the leading role actors are hawt.
6. Here's a question. Why is Elizabeth(leading lady) get to kiss so many damn guys?? O.o She have kissed Jack Sparrow, what Turner(i forgot the name), even the traitor jerk, and God knows who else! Damn you make-no-sense-chick. Zz.

So there.

P.s. Is there a 4th ep?

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