She says. guys, you really need to read these

Here are some big NO-NOs' for the guys to do.
i got it from Cleo magazine
and i agree to most of them. They do disgust women
so guys, if you don wanna be a turn-off, read this.

The nail polish
these are for GIRLS, no, clear ones are not excepted
and whats up wif long fingernails??? usually wif the pinky fingers
we don even want to know wat u need it for

Mad scientist hair
It's insulting if u bring tat when you go for a date.
really, it doesnt seduce at all

Carot cut/skinny jeans
skinny jeans on a man = "is he into girls? or guys?"

Hawaiian shirts
a major no-no unless you want to be mistaken as a beach club waiter or an 'uncle' who plans to gamble at the casino.

A super-hairy chest
we can handle a little hair.
but dont cross the line, if curly hair is protruding out of the shirt-
do something about it.

Baggy jeans
if you want to show off your undies,
you could at least wait till you're ready to hit first base with a girl.
*really?? i tot these were cool. i guess i was wrong. =P*

Too much hair product
as long as his hair looks neat and presentable, its fine
but not when it looks wet.

Yellow stained teeth *ewww*
unfortunately, yellow teeth implies coffee, ciggies and disgusting breath-
whether its true or not

The bulge in his pockets
Why cant he just carry a cool bag and dump his obese wallet or atrocious-looking orange comb into it?

Hip-hop wannabes
They thinks they are born-again black.
They dress it and act it. It's such a turn off

Bleached blondes
You cant get away with this unless you're Brad Pitt.
On Asians it's truly gross; same goes for asian girls actually.

Short shorts
They reminds ppl of the guys who used to play football back in the sixties

Sleeveless singlets
Guys who wear sleveless with hairy armpits just look dirty
and reminds me of a baboon. Yuck!

Tattoos & piercings
one or two is enough. Besides what would parents say if they brought them home??

Too much eye make-up
unless they are going for the rock star or emo look.
Even then, makes you wonder how much time the guy spends in the toilet to perfectly smudge it like that...

Guys are we making ourselves clear enough??

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