They r the sweetest couple i have ever seen. ><

Frank looks rich but is in actuality poor and has a huge amount of credit card debts. He has never achieved anything in his life and has to beg his debtors.Zheng Shan Mei lives an ordinary life while working three jobs to support her family. She also send money for her boyfriend's studies in America. Despite her parents' disapproval, she quits her jobs and goes to America to find her boyfriend and get married. Unfortunately, she finds her boyfriend cheating on her, and with no money left, she is forced to go back to Taiwan without notifying her family. There, she meets Frank, and unexpectedly, she ends up sharing the same jaded house with him. He is lazy and irresponsible while she is hard-working and kind- hearted. They are two different individuals whose only similarity is to live for money. Frank doesn't like Shan Mei's eagerness to make a living, but eventually, his feelings begins to change, but he can only keep his feelings to himself; he's even willing to leave her if it makes her happy. Until one day, Shan Mei found her prince, En hao, who is a rich, kind man, and very considerate. But when she's with En hao, she starts to think about Frank.
i tried to google somemore for the pics.
but i ended up with a heck loads of bread's pics
-.- i'm bread-phobia now...
p.s. i havent slept n its 5.54am.. yes.. am.

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