Turning myself into a Dolly

last night, i browse on my friendster
then i remembered my relative, viivi.
i havent heard from her for quite a long time.
i dont think she's using msn anymore.
Zz.. i nv see her online now.
so, i search for her prof in fs.
then i found it.

is tat really her?!??
OMFG, she look so hAwT~!
then. i got *jealous*
so, i've been thinking to buy a wig, long hair
contact lens.. those dolly black ones.
learn how to make up
shocked everybody
n wish nobody noes who i m
cz i just wan to do it once in my life
i dun wish to become a brainless doll for the rest of my life
(no offense though..)
after this i'll become a decent normal gal.
GET READY, everyone~!

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