for Rocky lovers

For those Rocky lovers!!
I bet you all never see this before! 
well... not all, majority of you
I found this flavour in a mini-market in Cyberia, which sells a lot of weird things
No, it's not chocolate or strawberry.. It's not vanilla either


Almond Crush Bitter!! 
chocolate biscuit stick coated with 
bitter chocolate flavour
and crushed almond

hoohoo.. look luxurious right??
Even the packing also luxurious

 It's GOLD leh!!

The packing also so high-class

And this is how it looks
the chocolate(or something) coating quite thick
plus got almond some more

For me, I don't think it's good
cause it taste like..... urm... how to say
the after-taste quite oily *something like that lar*
I'm not sure how to describe
Prefer the choco and the strawberry flavour
There's some other weird flavour too, but I didn't buy
Will check it out again 

This thing cost me RM4.++ leh
don play play... so expensive
Just bought it to try since it's kinda rare in Malaysia.. i think

My friend (my hometown friends) if you want i can help you buy. hehe


  1. IT looks so niceeeeee :) i wanna buy :D haha

  2. available in Cyberia in Cyberjaya. haha

  3. hahah at my home also available la!!!! i think it's good laaa. dark choc love it
    but it cost double.haha

  4. haha! tats why i wrote "i think".. i tot it's very hard to find.. >.< LOL

  5. wah.. the rocky looks yummy.. i want!!!