Conew editor

I think many girls will like this editor
Because it's tends to our every need in editting our camwhore pics
Editing made easy for us!
My friend told me about this editor a very long time ago
I downloaded it, but then i deleted it, and today i downloaded it again.
because i'm afraid i'll be addicted to editing my pics! 
but whatever, the ending result look really nice

okay, i'll stop blabbering now
I introduce you to.....

click click and download there
the right one

but it's in chinese though
but i don't even know how to read chinese
yet i'm still using it.
You'll know how to use it very fast 
it's THAT easy

You can erase your pimples
make your eye bigger
brighten up your pic
colour you skin. YES! colour your skin! and it's looks real!
It can even shrink your face!

Here's some example!

 yes yes, i'm aware of my exposed cleave-age.. but whatever
~.~ everyone have them anyway, even guys.
 Much cleaner and softer right??
and my dark circles around my eyes also erased a bit ady
and i made my face a bit thinner
Noob like me also can use this editor properly
Bye bye complicated photoshop *which i nv actually used before* Hello Conew~

so dark

bright and my lip's colour pops out!

my prof pic in fb. =P
 experiment sia

white mou?? LOL
 and i got carried off by this make-eye-look-bigger by clicking at my eyes.
LOL!! IMBA sia
some more cacat! XD wtf


  1. Awesome! Have you tried Photoscape? However it can't edit your eyes bigger, face smaller & brighter...