burn burn BURN

Okay, title sounds creepy and witch-y but yeah.
Witch are cool. 
Sounds like Halloween. =D
blah. okay, back to burn burn BURN.

So, me and my mum went back to hometown yesterday (which was Saturday)
At first we weren't but then my mum feels like going back so we went back *kinda confusing but yeah*
At 7am we started our journey. As everyone can predict, I will be sleeping during the whole time interval in the car. Come on, it's 7am, I normally wake up at 12pm during weekends. =P
So yeah, McDonald breakfast-ed and slept.

Then suddenly my mum shook me up. I was already half awake because I felt my mum stopping the car, I thought we arrived. But no, I still see roads and cars outside the window instead of white walls.
Then we saw this scene.

It wasn't very far from us actually, but it seems so here.
I thought it was someone burning garbage at first but no.

Can you see the flame??
Here, a closer look.

It's coming from a friggin car!
got police car some more.

The white smokes is fire extinguisher.
Wow, I never knew fire-fighters in Teluk Intan are so efficient. BRAVO.

P.S. Idk why but, shouldn't people avoid getting nearer when they see smoke? Smoke = fire. I still see a lot of cars and motorcycles went towards the scene like ants running towards a sugar-cube. They know no fear. =.= 

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