Montagne Jeunesse

Heard of it?

Maybe these would remind you of something.

Yes!! it's the masks that we usually see in Guardian!
At first, I always thought it was some kind of cheap mask
but then last week me and Liz decided to buy and try it out.
there was a promotion going on last week and 2 of these mask just cost us RM9.++ only!
Super cheap right??
When compare to those taiwan/japan mask lah. those damn expensive.

We planned on using it during our Pangkor Island trip, but we didn't got the chance to use it there, because we were to tired to do mask. 
So we just tried it at home
And turns out I really liked it actually!

I tried this

 and now...
I'm currently "fudge sauna-ing"
It smells so nice!
and some actually melted and got into my mouth. XP 
These mask are not for eating okay. 

Gonna try the others when I get my hand on them

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