Pangkor Trip!

Before I start writing anything, I would like to tell you that in these 2 days, we have took exactly 607 pictures
607 FRIGGIN PICTURES!! 400 some more can reach 1000 ady
And it was only a 2 days trip.
I dono what would happen if we were to stay for 3 days. lol
So you can expect to see many pics filled with sexay beautys.. =P
oh, click the pics to open a bigger pic so u can see clearly, since i compiled many of it in one. XD

*side note* 
I haven't even update much on my blog. I think I'm going on to the "dead blog" phase. bleh.. But whatever, I still blog on my tumblr though. All short posts. =P ehehe

Pangkor Island was SO MUCH FUN!! 
I wish I could go Redang Island though, but our budget doesn't let us. oh boohoo.
We were sitting 12pm bus so we were out by 10am for breakfast @ Ah wah's
We were done eating by 11am so we went straight to the bus station to wait for our "bas tambang" *idk what is bas tambang in english*
So to make time go faster, we do what we do best. 


My signature pose. Ju-on pose!!

I scared the hell out of ppl some times. =P

huahahaha!! too much pics so decided to make compilation of it.
 Bus tambang cost us RM7.80!! At first I thought it's kinda expensive but when I think about it, it's kinda okay. Since like.. It's an hour and half journey.
And I have to say this, what's up with people's attitude nowadays?? I paid the bus fare and that person gave me some tickets. At first, I tot he gave us insufficient amount of tickets so I asked him wait and then I told him I paid how much. And you know what he shouted? 
"Apa?! Tak tau kira balik belajar la!! buat hal aje!" or something like that la, i'm not sure because I was focusing on checking the tickets and the amount of money. wtf.
It's kinda my wrong because I didn't saw the extra ticket that was stuck together. So he gave the correct amount. But what's with that attitude???? idk why, I think it's because of my colour. Racist much?
I did say sorry though and smile at him. I don't wanna start a fight with an uncle in a bus.

Not only that, when we reached Manjung's bus station, we though it was Lumut, so to make sure, we ask a Malay girl when she was going out from the bus. 
"Ni manjung~~!" with that annoyed face of hers.
We were like O.O.... then laughed it off again. Because her annoyed expression and voice is so damn funny. And this made her an epic joke for us till today. LOL.

I swear.. people nowadays... sigh.. 

enough rants, back to the trip. =P

Reached Lumut!!
like a bunch of tourists!

and I forgot to bring my shades. T.T I'm stuck with my nerd specs instead.

i liked the hat but.. i didn't buy it. Cause I don't really wear those kind of things. =P hehe

jetty~ look at the sea!!
the sea breeze was really nice too

in the boat

 With our luck, we managed to see 3 very handsome ang mohs sitting 2 rows in front of us
out of those 3, I think this one is the most macho and good-looking one. 
Because I love his hairstyle and the colour. LOL
should make bro cut his hair like this next time. ahahaha!
btw, I'm not the one who snapped this pics, don't get any funny ideas. hahaha

 And with our luck, SLEEPING in front of our row was this uncle.
At least he is not blocking our view of the ang mohs
Sleep well.. sleep well..
and yes, this pic, I snap one. =P


We reached Pangkor Island! 
We're walking happily to find a mini bus.
But there was a bunch of annoying uncles and teens waiting outside of the jetty shouting and talking
like a pasar malam.
and they weren't those normal kind of people who chit chat there.
They were there to ask us to rent motors/rooms.
If they ask, then we'll humbly reject, but they all.... 

*jumps in front of us*

Who the f*ck would understand that?!?? Okay, I did
But it was too annoying so I shouted "Excuse me!" to tell them to give way.
But they were rather angry by my action. 
A kid said "OH, Exsikiusss me ar?????"
and an uncle said "CALL POLICE LA!"
and again with my rant. THE MANNERS!!! LOL!!
The way I was acting is like a bodyguard protecting a celebrity *which was my fren who walked in front of me with her sunglasses shade on* 

But thank goodness, after all that, we managed to find a very friendly uncle to drive us around the island. And we were given discount too since we were a bunch of young-ins. hehe

First stop : Some ruins left by British (??)

The maze is beautiful!

photoshoot. LOL
 Second stop : some temple like place
*omg, i so blur. all the names i dono..*
But first, a short break!

Our mini tour van driver gave us some heong peng to snack on
And the avocado blended was superb!! MUST TRY!!

frog + rabbit = sillyness 

Going up up up till the top!!
LOL. must exercise more. All like very tired when we climb.
I pity Liz. She didn't want to climb but she have to, because all three of us agree to climb up. 

the view 

a modern Titanic pose!!

The rock looks like it's gonna crush us

i love this pic. So colourful!
 Third Stop : Shopping!!
for snacks.. lol

bunch of sotong aunties.. lol
 Fourth stop : some other temple like place. XP
i'm so bad in this

We never knew what serious means..
therefore very less serious pictures..
Example :
sakai 1

sakai 2

finally, peace..
I also wanna have a go at it!
 I hope this rock works. lol

Rence taking it to a whole new level

pak toh!!
 Secretly took a picture of a couple relaxing on the boulders.
so sweeeeeeeeettt
sorry so blur.. i forgot adjust setting.. and i lazy do again.. XP

Short road trip end!!
Check in to the hotel!!

I'm so glad we booked the correct hotel at that time
They say it was new. So lucky us!!
It was pretty cheap too!
nice rite!!

random pic
i was pretending to be busy.. and yes, i was posing. lol
We changed into our bikinis and went to the beach! 

remember to put on your sunscreen!

Yes, i got wear shorts inside... i'm not half naked.. Zz

sexay!! Don't drool!!
 Pictures pictures and more pictures!!
Oh and I'm gonna write their names and link their blogs below the individual compiled pics so you can stalk follow their blogs. =P


Like a japanese!! kawaii!!



happy smiles!


blurred jump shot. but still nice. =P
 We had our fun while it lasted and went back to our hotel.
But it's not the end yet...
back to hotel and still camwhore!
 Swimming pool time! XD

Okay, tak nak main water liao.. lol
Freshen up, went to dinner, brought some beers and make-up night!
To share our knowledge on how to make-up.. lmao
our "equipments" and "gears" 
 Didn't take any pics after make-up wahahhahaa
We had our time chatting in the middle of the night.
It was fun talking like this, with girls only. =3
We didn't sleep much though because we have to take our breakfast at 8am.
The food was okay, but the portion was kinda tiny. =(

toast, sausages, cereal, pancakes, and orange juice!

after breakfast.. sleep back. LOL!

wake up again, eat again! xD
my face damn funny here. hahaha!

we played our childhood balloon game!
idk whats the official name of this but it's kinda like a gooey and sticky thing that you have to blow it up to make a fragile balloon out of it. We used to play it everytime when we were in primary school
Ah the memories

i was bathing, so i wasn't there.. T.T lol

Bye bye Pangkor Island! *sobs*
We were reluctant to go back because the hotel room was actually pretty comfy but too bad, our check out time is 12pm. so early. T.T

That't it.. 
Till the next time!
and I'm waiting for December.
i dont care got class o not! PONTENG! BAHAHAH!!

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