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lol, stole your pic.
I hope you don't mind. haha!

Write 5 interesting fact about the person who gave you this award;
  • She was my model partner for exhibition [that's when I first meet her]
  • She loves chocolate
  • She have a HAWT figure! XD
  • She's very friendly. =D
  • Sorry, I don't know more.. T.T

Write down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies;

  • I'm crazy about everything korean related, so crazy that I always say "boo-yah~" (which means "what") every single day.
  • I have retarded toes
  • You can see me almost 24/7 on facebook
  • Am a realist
  • I SUPER LOVE bread!! which is my diet's No.1 enemy. T.T
  • I like to stare at pretty girls and good-looking guys. =P
  • If i'm bored in the mall, I will look at passer-bys' shoes. 
  • I love all kind of desserts, especially those kind with mangos in it.
  • I'm very random some times.
  • I don't really know how to express myself some times

Pick the most 10 deserving recipients and describe them;

  1. Shasha
  2. Liz ling
  3. Jo ann
  4. Fiona
  5. Zoe
  6. Xin Rou
  7. Laylay
  8. Xinyi
  9. Mei kit
  10. Jonwoon

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