Passport, Muet and my ****

A short update about my life.
It's been like too hollow in here.
I guess a short post will work to revive it.. at least a lil.
If you're looking for pictures of human faces, I'm sorry, there's none today.
Try your luck again next time. :) Have a nice day.

The other day I went to do my passport with my mum.
Yeah, I ponteng class. I ponteng for like almost a week because of my zombie foot *oh, don't worry, you'll get to witness the almighty zombie foot soon*
And guess what, we waited for almost 2 hours and finally it's out turn.
And then....... the lady told me my IC chip is broken.
I was like "wtf, okay this is definitely NOT A GOOD time to die on me"
WHY NAU?!!?? 

My mum also in a "smack head" mode ady that time.
Then this incident reminds me of the words of the fortune teller *yeah, my mum went for a fortune teller and she asked about my life* 
She told her that it's best that I don't go to any Full moon party or funeral this year, if not a horrible fate will fall upon me.
But guess what, I went to a Full moon party before we knew that.
So yeah, now all those epic bad luck mojojojo happening to me already. Zzz

The accursed IC chip
 Then we flew all the way to Shah Alam to change my IC.
And coincidently.....
The last 2 number is the same for JIM and JPN
 27 = my lucky number? Or suei number??
After I took my temporary IC we went back again to the JIM
And guess what, I was the last one to stay behind. Ya, everyone got theirs first, and I got my passport LAST.
I'm like THE ONLY person left in that building... exclude the workers la...
My schedule for the day : 10am - 5pm  Wild goose chase programme to do a passport
*smash head to table* PHAIL.

Today, I had my MUET.

 The paper was pretty difficult. Especially Listening test. I began cussing 5 minutes after the test begun.
My reading test also many wrong answer. OMG, how can I continue to live?!??! you tell me!??!? T.T

Oh yeah, as I promised..
This is my epic zombie foot... Just took the picture...

Isn't it amazingly horrible????

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  1. not zombie more like giant wor

    anyway do get well soon