“..I understand and endorse the thought behind such sayings as that the cobbler should stick to his last, that birds of a feather flock together, that rice-cakes are for the rice-cake makers. For cats, indeed, are for cats. And should you wish to learn about cats, only a cat can tell you. Humans, however advanced, can tell you nothing on this subject. And inasmuch as humans are, in fact, far less advanced than they fancy themselves, they will find it difficult even to start learning about cats. And for an unsympathetic man like my master there’s really no hope at all. He does not even understand that love can never grow unless there is at least a complete and mutual understanding. Like an ill-natured oyster, he secretes himself in his study and has never once opened his mouth to the outside world. And to see him there, looking as though he alone has truly attained enlightenment is enough to make a cat laugh. The proof that he has not attained enlightenment is that, although he has my portrait under his nose, he shows no sign of comprehension but coolly offers some crazy comment as ‘Perhaps, this being the second year of the war against the Russians, it is a painting of a bear.’
As, with my eyes closed, I sat thinking these thoughts on my master’s knees, the servant-woman brought in a second picture postcard. It is a printed picture of a line of four or five European cats all engaged in study, holding pens or reading books. One has broken away from the line to perform a simple Western dance at the corner of their common desk. Above this picture ‘I am a cat’ is written thickly in Japanese black ink. And down the right-hand side there is even a haiku stating that ‘on spring days cats read books or dance.’ The card is from one of the master’s old pupils and its meaning should be obvious to anyone. However, my dim-witted master seems not to understand, for he looked puzzled and said to himself ‘Can this be a Year of the Cat?’ He just doesn’t seem to have grasped that these postcards are manifestations of my growing fame.”
(from “I Am A Cat”, Natsume Soseki, 1905, ….translated….)

I don't own this. I copied this from here. It's just that it's really interesting and I love cat and I don't really like humans *even though I am one* 

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