Remember these?

There's that time when we were only less than 1 metre tall and when we are fast asleep before 10pm.
Those are the times that we don't know much or even care much about the world.
After kindergarden/school, we would throw our bags aside on the couch and grab the remote control and start pressing some buttons that would lead to our favourite cartoon channels.
*Last time some more no astro 1, all tengok tv1,2,3 and ntv7 only.. 8tv also haven't exist*

TV was our world, our friend, and our only entertainment.
Oh, how I miss those watercolour-ed cartoons. They were much more interesting when compare to the craps they show on tv nowadays.
Okay, enough words, lemme give you some memories that I can recall now.

The adorable Bugs Bunny

Our most favourite mouse and cat
I still think the old version are much more nicer.
Our spinach-loving sailor-man, Popeye

Yesh, the show where they dubbed in Malay.. It was awful to listen to but heck, I only understand Mandarin and Hokkien at that time. So whatever.
Back then I was a sailormoon maniac. OMG, it's kinda embarrassing yet I can't believe it's forgotten these days. They were like a big deal to all small girls last time!
......Well, to me anyway. =P

And after the sailormoon craze, I went to this....

There was this power ranger movie's ending song that is still stuck in my head till today... =.=
"Oh ouh, we're in trouble~~" and blahh...

The ass-kicking madafarker of all time
I know... I know...
You guys are thinking, why the fark this girl go watch these kind of shows.
Well, that's because I have a brother who is 4 years younger than me *bro, I sacrificed my girly-ness since then* and my childhood friend/neighbour who was also a guy *Yesh, melvin, it's you*. Being surrounded by guys, it's normal for me to turn... macho-ish..
I even catch earthworms everyday when I was in kindergarden.. wadafarrrkkk...

The angry beavers 1

The Pokemon and Digimon craze.
And there's this purple hair robot girl and a perverted professor anime. I forgot the name but the anime was hilarious and stupid. =P
Can someone please tell me the title if you guys know which one?? Thanks in advance. =3

And of course I wouldn't miss this out

How I miss all those movies. 
Aladdin, Jumbo/Dumbo, Alice in the Wonderland, Peter pan, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid
I have some of the movies in my harddisk, but I haven't re-watch them yet
=P yay, back to memory lane

And now, of course, I'll show you some of the shows that I hate. =D
There's no such thing as a stupid cartoon?? Well, here are some!

For now, I can only think of these 2 cartoons which are stupid and have many bad influence. Actually, Ultraman and Power rangers are bad influences too, since they fight a lot. Although they fight for good, children don't really understand what's going on and they can only mimic the battle scenes.
I guess everyone should forbid their future children from watching these. Cause I will.
Thanks to these Courage the Cowardly Dof, my cousin learnt the word "stupid dog" and use them everyday. =.=
He called everyone "stupid dog", it's not very polite is it?

Oh, and I didn't know GI Joe was originally a cartoon show. O.o

I hope you guys enjoyed remembering all these. 

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