Went for a shopping trip at Pavillion~
And have you been noticing the weather these days?
Isn't it lovely??? I don't really like sunshine, that's why I like it.
It's so cloudy and cold these days. Winter-ish~
Me likey!

Went to Levain for our brunch
The place was so French-like!
 I felt like I was somewhere out of the country.
Bread love ♥!

lol, random snowman.



My brunch. 
 They don't only sell breads, they have pasta too!
The pasta are really nice but as for the breads... It's kinda too hard.
Maybe because I took the cold ones. :( Boohoo~

lmao, idk what they trying to do


Pavillion decoration!
So royalty-ish!
Okay, time for random-photo-in-yer-face
And I don't know what to write anymore cause there's nothing to tell. 
and pictures says a thousand words right? Right. Hoho.

We know we look good in hats... haha!
We went to UNIQLO too. 
The Christmas sales are awesome because most of the jackets are sold in cheap cheap price!
Of course, we didn't let the chance pass by.
It was so hard to make a decision because all of the jackets were really nice and comfortable and cute!
After running up and down, I finally bought myself a fluffy jacket ♥
I wore in right after I bought it. I know I'm silly, but it's really cold there and I only have my cardigan which couldn't really provide much warmth for me.

But after I started to wear it, we suddenly went outside because we need to cross the road to get back to Pavillion again. LMAO, I looked like a weirdo wearing such thick jacket outside. 
I bet many people were giving me "the look"
uhuhuu, I felt like a fool.. X[
FML moments


lol, my pose.. I suddenly jump in that's why.
 In Zara taking pictures. 
Apparently we got told off for not taking anymore pictures, because we can't actually take any pictures in the shop. Another embarrassing moment. FOL. lol.

outside Pavillion so crowded!
Went back to get pictures taken again! 
But most of the pictures are photobombed by the passer-bys and blurred.
There was just too many people around walking here and there.
Plus my camera retarded 1! No anti-shake/blur. 
I think I'm gonna buy a better camera next time.

eg. of photobombing people. Even the kid oso photobombing us.


That's it for this post. 
Thanks for reading! ♥
Oh, Christmas is coming soon, so I'm gonna give an early wish to all my readers

Have a Merry Christmas! 

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