Everyone is reminiscing, so why not..

I'm seeing a lot of post on saying what they have achieve during 2010
So, here I am, following the "trend"
actually, I just syok sendiri lah. I'm not going anywhere tonight so just let me be by doing this.
This is how I'm going to celebrate this year

The last day of 2010.
Am going to.
not alone.
* Imma be *
music please
with my

So to sum up my 2010 life
  • Entered Multimedia University as an Faculty Of Engineering student
  • Meet a lot friends and weirdos. Went through loads of awkward, fun and unhappy phases.
  • Sneaked into another college party with fake ID
  • Joined a band but just as a useless manager. lol
  • Got my driving license
  • Played golf for the first time.
  • Had an anonymous photo editor but he disappeared. That was really weird.
  • My first phone-sex call. WTF.
  • My first photo-shooting session.
  • Crush on a few guys but only ended up in despair. This is exactly why I don't crush on a person really hard anymore. On the other hand, I don't like all of those who got crush on me. FML and FTL.
  • Coloured my hair more than once. My gawd, my unhealthy hair
  • Meet saw JayPark in person

Actually not much has happened, I was really looking forward to my "GREAT" achievements..
but hey, we usually don't get what we want.
I hope 2011 is going to be an adventurous year.
Maybe I should be more daring and brave and do more weird things.
Wadya think?

I hope all of you guys forgive me if I have done anything wrong,
you will have many blessings in the future.

Just be happy and healthy alright?

Happy New Year!

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  1. haha~
    should i be happy or sad lol?
    it sound like im pretty much like a weirdo now XDD
    just been busy with study n works lately till got not time left for my self lah..
    so any request atm? while im free for a day :x