Hair diary

I didnt think I would procrastinate this post until now.
but I'm glad I'm hooked once I get myself writing.
This insanity of mine need to be written down so that I wouldn't go berserk in my real life. :D

OKAAAAAYYY, I'll quite digressing and begin with my "Hair Diary" post now..
*man, editing pics are so annoying.. especially those watermarks.. in my case, my blogmarks*

I believe everyone would be bored by their hair after getting a new haircut/hair dye or whatever after awhile right? Well, that happened to me. But I only coloured my hair and nothing more. It's not drastic change either. I don't dare use NEON colour and I only like dark brown actually but my hand are just itchy to something else. I didn't once cut my hair this year, cause I'm targeting a butt-long hairdo. Yesh, BUTT-LONG..... Okay, maybe not butt-long, that's too long and it'll just waste my shampoo and conditioner. But I know there's some one who has almost a knee-length hair. Well, if you're my ex-schoolmate, I'm sure you can figure out who that is. I wonder how she go to the toilet with that.. hmmm.... okay, blah. Not to mention long hair is very hard to manage too. As for my fridge, I'll just stick with long fridge till I get bored of it in like i'll say... 2 years? who knows

So I was curious about what hair would look good on me, I started to search for a visual makeover thingy on the internet and I found one. I'm gonna post the hair-do now.
First of all... DON'T LAUGH!!!!
oh, who am I kidding, who wouldn't laugh at these. I was laughing like a madman in the house when I witness this process myself.
Here goes nothing.

you can't even tell if it's real or fake!!! *only apply to the are below my nexk*
the fridge obviously look fake la.
Okay, this is how I would look with a wavy hair and fridge......
no comment on this hair.. it's just too weird

bob haircut nice wad?? RITE?????????

What bout boy-cut??
eh, I don't think so.. my face too fat nowadays.

I whip my hair back and forth with this!!
........................ blergh

Lady Gaga style?
I lol-ed out hard on this one. OMG. LAWL AGAIN

This is how my hair was like last year
or was it last 2 years..... I know it's on dec, so 2 years it is then
It was short
Having a short hair isn't that bad actually
it's easy to manage, I won't feel so hot, don't need waste so much time shampooing and etc.
But i got bored with it, so yeah.

Now I'm gonna show you how much my hair change from last Dec till now
Actually... not much change.. :S
I did colouring after SPM
First time dye hair ma, so very very very excited
It was SOOOO light after I did it. At first, I thought I look like "ah lian" with that colour
but thank goodness it fades not long after

still with fridge, see the colour..
it's darker

it actually looks good here, I mean the colour. :S wuu

this picture is what provoke me to colour back to black again.
It looks really good and I miss my original colour.

So, from this....

turns to this...
I still like black best
 But it didn't stay for long

It fades to brown again.. :(


and what's mess up is that the black colour wasn't really spread evenly.
:( so you can see many spots of light brown on my hair if I tie my hair up
 So then Liese came in.
It was a very popular brand, and almost everyone was using it and was praising so much about it.
Being the way I am, and how I hate the uneven colour, I bought one.

I bought ash brown
I bought it to make my hair colour even
So this is the result

*dog picture deleted. lol. I didn't knew I made a mistake till now*

The colour is a lot even now.
At first it was pretty light for me, but then as days pass by, it became darker
And honestly, I liked it. <3 :D
And I even bought Liese Cocktail
It's really good!!

And I even bought Asience Shampoo and Conditioner after I use the sample packet that comes along with the Liese Bubble hair colour. 
I was hooked! My hair become softer after using it for a few days, even my mum said so.

So yeah, that's it.
I wonder what look I would do when Chinese New Year comes around. 
we'll see~~~~

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