I got a new pet

I got a new pet today!
It's a/an (early birthday/christmas) gift from my aunt who's living in Subang
:D Thank you for spoiling me aunty!!

Lemme give you a clue on what it is.
It doesn't make any noise
It's fluffy and really nice to cuddle with.
No, it doesn't bite

it's tail

it's ear
 Best of all, it doesn't eat, drink, pee or poop.

Yea, I got a pillopet. It's a doggie btw.
Sorry, you've been tricked, I didn't get any pet, I just got a pillow... pet.... 
*메~~롱 Mehh~~rong  메~~롱*
If you don't know what 메~~롱 means, please copy and paste the phrase in google and search the pictures of it 

Even the bag is so cute
It's customized for the pillopet! 
Are you wondering where it's eyes are?
well, here it is

Oh dear, it's suffering from strabismus

This is no ordinary pillow. 
Okay lah, not like marshmallow, marshmallow so hard
but I swear, I never touched any fur so soft like this before
And for your information, I touched a lot of those "bear bear" before, although I don't like those things because it's useless. I just like to touch them whenever they are in my reach.

Yay for me~~ New pet to the hostel next week~

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  1. it's so huge, cute and sofffffffttttt

    nice one =)