Quick update 29/12/10

It's almost the end of the year 2010.
It's gonna be 2011 in 3 days. 
And it's getting closer to 2012, when we all die and repent like the Mayans predicted. DX
Oh well, this world ain't that pretty so I guess it doesn't matter if it ends or not right? 

Another new year is coming so I guess it's the usual thing.
I'm gonna write a list of resolutions for 2011.
But first I'm gonna copy and paste my last year resolutions and check if I've succeed or not.
Here goes!

1. Never get depress by something minor. Done that and it's too easy.

2. Save money dear. you're not a child anymore. Don't spend like there's no tomorrow. Well, this is pretty hard to do but I think I've spend lesser in shopping now than last year. XD okay, DONE.

3. SAY NO TO FAST FOOD!! but max one month can eat twice la.. don't be so hard on yourself. Done!! WELL DONE!! My stomach automatically shrink even by the sight of MCD's banner. haha!

4. Don't do things like hangat-hangat tahi ayam. I wonder if i'm correct or not. my BM sucks. Not done. I'm still like this.. lol

5. No cursing when you are driving hun. Stop those malaysians habits. Uhhhh... Half done. Cause I rarely drive. LOL

6. Work! i never done any real work before. i'm such a princess. T.T BAAAD.Not done. Still haven't work at all.

7. Never cry in front of mum again when she say something. i'm so touchy when she talks in her angry tone. weak point, go away~~ Done. Less crying now.

8. Study hard. Focus hard. and play hard! Wtf, this one also need to write. Done

9. Don't buy makeup anymore. you have loads but you seldom use it. and make-up ruins you although i like it. Not done, I still buy it. XP

10. I want that Wii~~~  This ain't a resolution. It's a wish. XP. But I still don't have one and I don't want it anymore.

11. Don't forget your friends from high school no matter where you are. Done. I still do!

12. Go out more, but don't spend much money on it. [i'm such an otaku. >.<] Done

13. Don't talk nonsense! think before you speak! Done. I think.

14. Get rid of that stupid brainless part of me. I'm not exactly dumb. be intelligent! LOL! Done!

15. Get a serious boyfriend.. Zz...Not done. It will still be in my list

16. Sleep early~~~ [the hardest task] Not done. Yea, it's hard.

17. Learn piano~ Learn how to dance~ [if got $$ and time] Not done. I taken up ukulele though. XP

18. Be crazy about nickkhun.. =DDD Time pass and so does my obsession. But my obsession for korean-related things wouldn't change that easily. XP

And now to present another whole new list.
Vintagebaby's 2011 resolutions!!

  1. Never let your guard down and never let anyone take advantages of you. 
  2. Take up all those good cleaning habits.
  3. To not do anything at the eleventh hour.
  4. Don't keep refreshing facebook or tumblr page when you have nothing to do. You're just wasting your time.
  5. Take more pictures when you're outside. The memories are sweet even if it's a small thing.
  6. Don't act cute anymore lah. How old are you? Still young meh??? Geli.
  7. I don't know I should or not. It sound like a bad thing but.. Be more flirtatious...? Just towards the person you like not every guy okay. lol. Hey, that's how people get into a relationship right? :D
  8. Try to remember the roads from now on. 
  9. Stop being so boyish... but I guess that's just a part of who I am. :9
  10. Since I got tired of my unsuccessful tries of getting rid of my laziness, I guess I'll just have to maintain my level of laziness then. ~.~
  11. Never stop reading and continue my love for writing even if I have less chance of writing stories anymore. I miss the times I wrote essays for English in secondary school. Boohoo.
  12. If I can't keep a promise I shouldn't be making any at all. 
  13. Be more daring to say and act. But think carefully before doing anything stupid. 

I think that's about it. 
I actually wrote this list out in a wimp. I didn't prepare for it or anything.
I can only write of what I can think of right now. 

So I guess that's it for another boring post.
random. weeeeee~~~~

Ending my post with an one-eyed selca... and my grandma behind there. 
lol. Till next time~!

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