Update : 15 Dec 2010

Nothing special today, I just feel like updating and talk about my life recently.
To start off, I would like to say I'm feeling really happy and "woohoo"-ish right now. I don't know why but I started to have this feeling like everything in the world is all so wonderful. Actually, it started last sunday after I went back home after shopping in 1Utama (the Christmas-y atmosphere is jjang). Don't worry, I'm not high on drugs or anything and I didn't eat any weird things there to make me feel this way.
It's just........... feel so peaceful and nice recently.
Even the weather is really nice this week. I'm starting to understand a lot better in class. I don't feel stress at all. I'm all for peace and I don't talk or argue much. I'm sick but still I like being sick *lol*. I wish I could be this way forever. I'm not dying either if you're wondering.
I think it's because it's December I'm like this. Well, cause I love December and not to mention my midterm is over. AND not because it's my birthday is in December but it's just...... Christmasssyyy~~ If only Malaysia have snow, it would be perfect then.

Some pictures I would like to share.


So British-ish.

Christmas tree~

lol, I'm trying on my bro's specs.

finally gives in when I tried to snap his pic. He kept covering his face with his hands. In the end, his hands are caught and tied up by me. lol. Muka blur jer.

some dessert. ma tai + red beans + more beans + idk..


*act cool*


don't hide! 
And I couldn't resist this...
at first, all bored like

cute pose


TOP so hot in the new MV
That's it for today.

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