Bros-before-Hoes kind of girl?

Now, first of all, I'm not doing this to offend anyone
I'm just saying out what I feel towards this matter. 
OKAY FINE. I'm sulking, let me be.
so yeah.

There's always this really annoying fact that I keep reminding to myself
"Friends are going to be too busy to bother me once they are in a relationship"
Well, I'm not saying it's wrong or what
It's just.......... sad...
No matter how a friend says that they won't, they are, sooner or later, going to be like this

  1. It's hard to call them out for lunch or yumcha
  2. It's harder to watch movie with them because they already watched it with their other half
  3. It's awkward when you see friends PDA-ing(public display of affection) in front of you
  4. It's hard to communicate anymore.
  5. It's worse when they have a whiplash of emotions, sometimes they are happy, some times they day-dream or worry about their other half, some times they will be depressed because of a fight.
  6. It's like a package now, if you wanna go out with the girl, you have to take the guy out as well. (some times)

It gets worst when it comes to those kind of good-friends-but-not-really friends
  • They don't pick-up your call
  • They don't reply to your messages
  • They'll say "see first" whenever you ask them out
  • They'll be so annoying on facebook telling the whole world "I'm DYING because my boyfriend don't understand what I need and we got into a really bad fight blah blah blah"
  • And the next day she'll be all so happy and say "OMG, I love my boy boy so muchyyyy and I will love him forever and everrrrrr!! unless i kick his dick when I found out he cheated on me."
  • They'll be super paranoid 24/7 about their bf/gf. Wondering if they are going to drown themselves when they are just going to be taking a bath.
  • Non-stop  Mountains of  GREAT SHIT LOADS OF Unending praises and cute-little-story of their super sweet cupcakes
No matter how much i smile on the outside while these are happening, in the inside I'll be like..
Okay, I'm getting out of control in the previous paragraph... Maybe I'm just jealous that's why..
I didn't really experience all of the above, I just heard of it from other people.
Well.... it's just..... really annoying although they are just those "normal" friends
Oh betch, I'm sorry but I couldn't control my sarcasm anymore

Worst of the worst.
It makes me want to quickly find a boyfriend.
oh boohoo, I'm a tough customer blergh.

Anyway, I'm beginning to wonder that this fact will apply to me as well
uhhhh...... i'll say 90% yes, I'll be less closer to friends
That's just my prediction, who knows right?
Plus I ain't those lovey dovey romantic kind of girl.... so far
I mean, have you seen me writing all those emo-ish and love-related personal messsage on msn or statuses on facebook? or even said something about it with my mouth?
Rare, no?
BUT.. okay, BUT BUT BUT... IF i have to choose, I'll choose my bitches first of course. 
"I'm sorry baby, guys like you come and go. But my bitches can't be replaced"
I just hope I won't become annoying as shwt when I'm in a relationship
If you see me posting "Oh, my baby @tagboypren'snamehere so sweet muax muax"
.....shit, i'm giving myself goosebumps even by only typing that down right now.....

Jason Castro spoke the truth.
"We'll fast disgustingly fast,
and we'll stop hanging out with friends
and they'll be so offended"

But whatever the case is,

To my greatest friends in the whole universe
Bros-before-Hoes yo~!

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