Happy Saint Valentine's Day

Happy St. Valentine Day everyone especially those who are falling in the bottomless pit of love. And yes, Happy St. Valentine to those who are now sitting in their own home alone staring at the computer too. If you're now snacking on chocolates, well, lucky bastard you. If not, why not go buy some chocolates yourself? Maybe make some special chocolates to fill up your free time today and give some to your family or your friends too aye!
I'm sorry, I'm not here to blog about how many flowers I received *not that I have received any before erhem* or how I made home-made chocolates and tell you stories of how I spend my fantasy dream date with a dreamy stranger. As a matter of fact, this is my 18th time I've spend Valentine's Day alone. It's not sad so stop pulling that face like you're gonna pity me. 
Since the air is full of love today, I thought why not do a post related to "love". *choke* I seldom say or type this L word, so forgive me. 

This charm bracelet(? idk, but i'll just call it a charm bracelet) is suppose to bring me luck and grant my wish in love related things once it's broken. I know it's silly but let me dream lah. It's not everyday you see a weird charm bracelet that says it is good news if it's broken, right?? It doesn't matter if it's real or not, but at least it gives me hope. Poor little old me, need something like this to bring me hope. *sigh* Hoping it will break soon.... Or else I'm gonna break it forcefully when I see some handsome millionaire's son passing by in front of me. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 

And guess what, this charm bracelet, I believe is enhanced my two pair of magic hands, it's really meaningful to me now. And with these two hands, they gave me more hope. Hyperbola sungguh perempuan ni
"Why?" you asked?

Well, it is brought by Ann, one of my closest friend. I jokingly ask her to buy me one and she actually did buy me one. No more joke next time. Lol.

And this knot is made by my other closest friend, Liz. We were all together when Ann bought it.

*Sobs* I can think of ridiculous sentimental things even with one little thing. T.T. But I'm truly happy that I have this with me now. *Bawl* For my sake Ann's and Liz's sake I hope it breaks real soon.

I wish you both an extra special lovely Valentine Day. Don't forget to treasure wonderful moments. :)

And now for a sweet song.

The lyrics isn't very fitting.. but I like it, so... bleh. :P

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