Incoming call 

She picked up her mobile phone and the person on the other end told her to get ready for dinner and make sure she is ready before the clock strikes seven. She also told her to expect somebody to be picking her up later and make sure she wouldn't keep that man waiting. She nods to herself and made a mental note then, ends the call. It seems there's still some time left before the appointed time. So she continued to vacuum the floor and then fold some clothes before she went to take a shower. 

At about 20 minutes past 7pm, she went down from her condominium home. She glance around the mellow surrounding. Overgrown greeneries lies beside her path. It seems that nobody is taking care of the grasses or even bothered to do anything about it. She looked around again and through the small pattern holes on the wall, she saw a familiar black car reversing it's way to the entrance of the condo. She quickened her pace and opened the door that lead her out. Greasy, she thought. Then proceeded to made some friction movements on her pants with her right hand. And when she got into the black car, cigarette odour ran through her nose. She grimaced and hoped nobody saw it.

Her left foot leaded her out from the car, and immediately she noticed black spots all over the beige rough floor tiles. Dried wrinkled tissues lies at the corner. Green coloured water filled the chinese-styled fountain with some tiny dead fish floating on the surface. An eyesore, she thought and proceeded to enter the restaurant. It seems like a busy day in there tonight. 

“请问几位?” the lady asked with a strong Chinese accent.
“哦,请等一下。可以坐那边现吗? 那桌有一点大可是我们没位置了。”
They sat at the table the lady showed them. It seems like six of them could only occupy half of the seats around the huge table. She walked to the seat closest to the aquariums. She placed her handbag on her thigh and then turned around to look at the aquarium.

The fish was staring back at her with great big eyes that looks almost like it knew what future awaits him. It showed fear and confusion. It looked as if  it has lost it's will to live any more in the foggy water. The girl poked on the glass prison and it flinched only a little. It still remained floating in the same location afterwards. They stared at each other for another minute. Without any warning, all five of the adults were standing up. She was startled and quickly stood up too and followed them to sit at a smaller table which fits them perfectly.

"Excuse me!" she said loudly at the waitress. He ignored her. With the help of the lady beside her, they finally got his attention. She asked about garlic and chilli but the waitress just stared back at her blankly. Now three of them tried to say the word "garlic" in different languages at once but to no avail. Then the lady showed her the empty small plate with little traces of chopped garlics. The waitress finally understood and took the small plate with him and walks away.
"Must be from Myanmar, humph." the old man sitting opposite the girl said. 

Food arrived. The Indonesian waitress set one of the dish on the centre of the table. Then returned again with another two dishes. She was having problem placing them on the table. The first dish she placed on the table were blocking her, so she tried to push the first dish with one of the dishes in her hand. In the process of doing so, some of the sauce on the plate looked like it will spill any moment now. The girl quickly tried to clear the table and make some space for her. And again, the same problem arised while she was placing the third one. The girl let out a sigh when the waitress was gone.

She wasn't eating in peace after all those bad services she received. Among the hubbub, she heard an annoying clanking sound. A small kid from the next table was playing around with his empty plates and bowls. Hitting the glassware with a pair of chopsticks. He looks like he was having fun pretending to be a drummer but she was definitely not having fun hearing that loud annoying noise. She glared at the kid hoping that he would notice his actions were not appreciated. Some of the adults started to look at him too. Unfortunately, he was too occupied to read his surroundings. At the same time, the people at the next adjacent table burst out in laughter. It doesn't sound like those pleasant laughing at all. She almost thought evil witches exist when she heard that. It was so loud and irritating. An utterly horrible guffaw. So, she turned her attention from the "drum-playing" kid to the source of irritation right now. And she saw five dark-skinned girls in their mid 20s and 30s and a pair of oriental husband and wife sitting at the "MR LING (2)" table. MR LING (1) was apparently full with oriental people. The girl assumed the rich Ling family is out for a dinner with their maids. The maids was definitely having a good time outside of their usual workplace. She could tell because they were producing that same aggravating laugh again. Only louder. Now almost all of the guests in the restaurant were glancing at them but only for one or two second.

They didn't care and continued to enjoy their time laughing and talking in their mother tongue.

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