It's holiday. Yay..... not really...

It's still my holiday now until 3rd March. Have to go back to that wretched university before 4th to register into Degree. I can't believe I'm a Degree student soon. It's so fast, i mean.... gawd. Some of my friends are entering Degree too and some are studying hard for STPM. I'm gonna miss Isabelle, who had gone to Australia to have her further studies done. Another one to Australia besides Mary. I wonder who's going to overseas to study or work some more. One by one realizing their right road to take to a bright future.

For me, pheh... studying hard slamba saja in MMU. Although I got first class honour in my foundation, I don't think I put enough effort. I'm too carefree. Shit, I must change my way of seeing things and living now. Have to open my eyes and mind. Have to learn to be more independent. I mean, the heck! I can't even travel by myself around KL. I don't know how to take bus to anywhere. I don't read newspaper, I don't catch up in what's happening around me. I don't know much! I mean seriously, I'm not knowledgeable in common sense stuffs some times! Okay, secrets out.
I always wonder why people (especially my course-mates) see me as a very up-to-date or informative person. Truthfully, I'm not. I'm just so ignorant that it can amaze somebody. People like to ask me things revolving what's happening, what date is for what, what time is what, when we should do what. Most of the time, I don't know what's the answer. All I do is I find out what should be found out after somebody questions me. And my guru is THE INTERNET. What century is this??? Make good use of it people!

On top of being carefree and ignorant, I'm very very clumsy. *sigh* I have never taken a job in my life before too. I'm so ashamed of myself.

If I continue like this, my life ain't very easy for me in the future. I should start changing for the better. I know I said "whining doesn't help" but I need to write it out to express myself. Oh, I'm such a hypocrite. Maybe I just need somebody to say something that would slap me back to mother-ducking-reality.

I just hope I can get a really good scholarship. God, please help me. I need the help of Lady Luck too.

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