Singapore Day 1

And again, this random picture of mine. Reminding you guys that I went to Singapore last week. *brag boast gasconading*. Actually not a big deal also. I bet many people went there or other grander oversea place before. Okay, epic fail. *hides in shame*
Now, before I start, I need to point out something before you point it out....... I admit... I have been........ gaining a little weight lately who am I kidding, I gained LOADS of pounds since 10 days before the great Chinese New Year. I tend to over-indulge on New Year cookies and other nom-noms since my mum makes them every year before CNY and my grandma cooks a huge amount of delicious foods once we got back to hometown. Great for me, bad for me. Oh well, what's life without delicacy aye?

 My first time riding an airplane in my life. Yeah, my boarding-airplane-virginity gone now. Blame poverty, I ain't a rich kid who can fly here fly there for luxurious vacation trips outside of Malaysia. That fact will be gone once I get to work next time and makes loads of money or just marry a rich guy and then kills him to get all his fortunes.

his expression so epic after commenting that his face too fierce at the camera. LOL.

Mum's attempt of selca-ing. 

Mum's selca again.
 Damn, my mum so in now. Learnt how to selca like the younger generation. Gave me a fright. LOL. I wasn't in the mood of selca-ing because my fringe is all messy that day and I didn't put any make-up on to hide my flaws. *sobs*. Be grateful that this post don't have so much si beh aiai and zhi lian pictures of me.

Lemme describe the part I like the most about our flight. The most exciting part is when the airplane takes off. I feel like Fast and Furious but-not-with-car version. Exhilarating. I like speed. Speed I like. Better don't sit my car next time if you got heart disease. My rides aren't for the faint hearted.... Okay, if only KL ain't gonna be so jam ALL THE TIME.
Everything on the airplane amazes me. I was like "OOOHH, the machine-thingy at the wing there moved!! OOOOHHH, the lights that tells us to fasten out seatbelts are switched on and so pretty! OOOOOHHHH, the pilot's voice so sexy when he said "This is your captain speaking" and so sultry some more. But blardy hell, I can't understand what the ang moh pilot is saying. Strong accent much. OOOOOHH, the flight attendants is showing us how to act when it's emergency. Errr, y all of their make-up so damn thick ar. Langsung bo chio liao lor. WAHHH, OOOHH, WAHHHH, OMGEE~ Uuuuuuh, what does this button do? *press red button then my seat got ejected out of the plane*

Cannot see a thing only fogs.

 You know, it's good for your brain when you imagine things whenever you see the clouds. It's to train your imagination. I think. Idk, if you want more specific and scientific term you can go google.
What can you see in this pic? I can imagine a...... uh..... The villain in Sonic the Hedgehog at the right small clumps of cloud there.

Black and white version to help you see what I see more clearly. When I edited, this scared me. Because the image of an angry Monkey God trying to get up can be seen. Can you see what I see? Eh, nevermind.

Our landing didn't went that well. We bumped quite badly when we were landing. My mum said the pilot palia. FHL. 

 See see. Told you, my hair danced a lot that day.
Once we arrived, I can see the difference in style and era of the airport. Look damn high-tech. Malaysia airline fail la. If you wanna know how our airport looks like, feel free to make a stop there and see for yourself. As for the Singapore one, you can see a little bit of it here. Didn't actually take much pictures of the airport at all. LOL.

No wonder they got Japanese language there. Because I saw loads of em in one of the shopping mall I visited during the next few days I'm there.

A lil treat from Changi Airport.

Taxi business prospers in Singapore. Majority of the road was filled with taxis! And it's super safe, convenient, and cheap too. The drivers doesn't even look like chikopek or kidnappers unlike Malaysian taxi drivers which gives off a very evil intention aura. Not only that, their bus driver wear formal shirts to drive the bus. I was like....... damn. Drive bus also must wear until so smart. Got standard. LOL.

the view from the condo we slept in

Dinner time~! Went to Margarita's @ Dempsey Hill. The atmosphere was simply refreshing.

Mum so photogenic. keke.

selca again. XD

my expression was too heavenly so i decided to cover it.

see see!!

 If you think the decorations are really pretty then you would enjoy most of the restaurant in Singapore. Cause most of their restaurants are decorated so heavily! Their sense of artistic-ness is simply unbelievable. Even kopitiam also very clean and organize. And their "food court" which they called it "Food Republic" looks like  huge traditional Chinese mansion made from wood. Oh, FOOD HEAVEN! FOOD GALORE! DX

the food and drinks were amazing.

  We went to Little India after our dinner.
I'm sorry for the randomness. But I just have to even though I can't take pics in the shop.
Doesn't it looks like the shoes that a giant lumberjack would wear huh???
Oh, me and my imagination again.

We were having problem with stopping a taxi. Even if there are many taxis in the country, it doesn't seem enough. And since it was peak season, it contributed to our suffering. Since everyone was snatching a ride, we called for a cab and we waited a long time for it. Heck our first cab was stolen too and we have to call again and wait again.

Look forward to Singapore Day 2!

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