Singapore Day 2

On the second day, we went to the largest shopping mall in Singapore, VivoCity! Too bad, we only walked a little bit in there. We weren't planning on buying anything anyway since there were no sales. Boohoo. There's a shoe shop take caught my interest though, but unfortunately I forgot the name. They have a wide range of pretty shoes in there and they are very cheap! But blame it on my luck, all the shoes I had interest in have no size 37. 


Mango and Strawberry!
 Are you drooling now?? Haha. There were so much choices! It's so hard to choose. But yet we only can eat one, cause it can kinda stuff your stomach. I can eat 2 slice of cheesecakes at once, but not 2 slice of fruit pies. lol. There's a mint flavour pie that I really wanna try too, but mum doesn't like mints. Until next time!

Oh, btw. This shop is currently hiring a dishwasher. 1800SGD. XD ohohoho. One prob though, only PR are allowed to take this job. *shoot* 

 Mum's selca fail...

The true pro of selca shots. By yours truly. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Tourist ma...
 This is the Food Republic! I'd say, pretty grand for a food court right? I made a mistake on my Singapore Day 1 post. I wrote Food Gallery instead. XP lol. My bad. I'll go change it now. And I wonder why I said Baba Nyonya style. It's definitely a very Chinese style... hmm.... Maybe I wasn't having enough sleep. Oh well, I changed it so no harm done.

File:Food republic kueh tutu.jpg
Source from wiki
I tried the "Tutu kueh" and it's pretty damn good! There are 2 flavours for the tutu kueh. Peanut flavour and coconut flavour. I don't really like coconut flavour but it was nice also. I accidently ate the coconut flavoured one, that's why I know. But I still prefer peanut flavour. Heh! MUST TRY!

 Time quickly pass by when we were having fun staring at new sceneries and items we couldn't buy. It's peak time for taxis! See, taxis are in high demands.

The queue behind us. Aiyok, the auntie look anxious while I was snapping this pic. lol

And this is what we have in front of us.
 You will never see this kind of thing in Malaysia. People waiting for the red and white taxis and the mafia-like taxi drivers.
There was actually a quite cute guy beside me so waiting doesn't bother me at all. ㅋㅋㅋ. But unfortunately, he kept himself hidden quite well behind my camera. -.-. Fail. Well, if he was in the picture, I would say he would be covering 70% of the whole picture (since he was so close bcz he was beside me. Not that I will purposely take his picture okay. What were you thinking??). :9 But that's not the case right here, since I failed anyway.

 A friendly reminder to all girls who are seeing this right now. Please always assure that you sit properly and keep your thighs close whenever you are in public. I don't care if you're very chio or not, it's just too ugly lah okay.
My mum spotted her and took this picture 1. Not me okay. But I admit I laughed when I turned my head around to see her... urm.... unique pose. My mum so cheeky, pretending to take picture of Melanie but actually not.

Oh yeah, this is Melanie. 
Asian pose yo! Okay, the girl behind gone, so cannot spoil our picture. lol.
Dinner time at some famous restaurant or whatever. You see those pictures on the wall?? They are all pictures of celebrities and the restaurant's boss. Although most of them are Singaporean stars. Oh, Edison was here too last year. Yeah that Hong Kong banned Edison.. Although it's famous but... the food ain't really that nice. The adults said the cook no "sui zhun" since they ate here before so they know. Idk how to say it in English but it is suppose to mean that the cook's quality lost or something like that.

 Spot this when we were walking to the car after our dinner. Laughing Out Loud literally.

It's The Sands baby!
 Very unique craftsmanship indeed...

Was trying to look smart with that sentence. XD

btw, you can click this image to see a larger and clearer view!

 The huge Merlion was under repair when we went there. And again, I blame it on my luck. *sigh* I think year 2011 isn't a good year for Capricornians.

Well, at least we have a baby Merlion nearby. :P

Mum doing selca again, and this time, I ruined it. LOL
 Went for a walk inside some hotel while we were walking to some bridge. I think it's called Fullerton Hotel if I'm not mistaken. Oh, blame my bad memories with names! The inside was so grand, I bet it's will cost a lot even for a one night stay. If I am rich next time, I wanna try staying there for a night. JUST a night.

Foreigner pose. XD

 moving escalator thingy. Sigh, humans are so lazy to even walk so they invented this thing.
 Thanks to constant selca-ing and my mum kept pestering me to help take her picture, I almost fell at the end of this moving-treadmill-thingy. ALMOST, I didn't fell. Weeee~~................................. So embarrassing, there were guests passing by that time. *hides*

I didn't know it would be possible to see cattle and horses in Singapore. LOL!?

dreaming... Grand daooooo....

 Meet our new friends. We quickly became close friends upon our meeting. The proof is right below.

damn slumber punya expression

 Who said we were normal?? 

We ain't drunk also

 Just imagine sitting in that antique car and ride it around London! Lucky bastard. *in British accent* Wait, gone too far. Brain, come back come back.

Ciao babeh~
There would be another post for my Singapore trip. Yes, another one! 
hoho! this isn't the end. 


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