Some people plagiarise my blog

*update on 28/2/2011 9.07pm*
The plagiariser has changed her blog address and even deleted/changed her twitter name. She didn't even give me any explanation or apology and just disappear like that. I didn't even report her on google actually cause I was waiting for her reply. Therefore, now all her links that I've posted will not work. Well, I guess nothing can be done now. :(*  

I was gonna post a selca post of mine until 5 minutes ago. I'm gonna postpone that selca post so here what this is all about. There's a girl who's been copying some of my blog post and pasting it in her blog. All the words are exactly 100% the same, except the word "Malaysia" since I live in this country. She changed it to "Indonesia" instead.
I don't know how long she's been doing this, but I see a lot of my past post in there. It's kinda a shock for me, cause I didn't know my post are worth copying. =.=" I'm happy and I'm angry at the same time too. At least give me some credit girl! Like writing "Copied from *link* not originally from me, the owner".
I'm actually pretty pissed off... -.- She even said in some of her post that she has no mood or whatever to write in english but soon she will.. and then, copy from my blog.. and claim it's hers?? HUH?!?

Idk what to say. She is either naive or just plain blur to let me found out through this.
She left hew twitter link in my cbox. Somebody said they love you, of course you would be happy and nosy. So, I clicked on it. Then click again on her blogsite link in her twitter.. 
and then....

Even her background same like mine. okay, nvm, we have same taste. So okay..
But then....

Looks familiar?? I go read.. and then she changed the word "Malaysia" to "Indonesia"
Shocking. And yet nothing about copying from where....

Other evidence of plagiarising.. PLEASE keep in mind that I WROTE them. Because my post are obviously earlier than hers.

Mine :



*I wrote babyvon but she change it to "her fren" hmm.. I wonder which of her fren is that*

And hell, a lot more.. Okay, it's getting creepy since it's like A LOT of my post. If you are observant enough, you can tell that most of the post are posted on 2011/02, which means this month. Recently. I hope she will stop doing that. Me and my friends are already spamming on her cbox *which some of the comments are kinda mean... but that's what you get for doing things you shouldn't do*.

She's kinda smart, since she can't copy any post that I have my watermarked pictures in it. But I can't watermark those pictures bcz it's not mine. So yeah. But this.... hng...
Somebody please do something....


  1. True. I mean, it's not even worth it. *nods*

  2. to me, i think that's creepy! LOL
    somehow is ok as long as it doesnt harm u. =)

  3. Wow, u have a virtual stalker.