The List

There's so many things I wanna do actually but....
Let's just say it's my "Dream". That would be reality in the future!

Learn piano and be the next Nodame Cantabile

Learn and master the art of crocheting and knitting.

    Make DIY things (but always fail. Cause I don't care about these stuffs but I want to). I know I'm wonderfully unreasonable. :)

      Oh yes, maybe a scrapbook too?

      Not my style... but..
      Be more girly and decorate my things with stupid things. and waste money in the process. :P Okay, simply cannot accept me wasting money on this thing.. Cannot accept.

        When I have my own room and sufficient money, Imma gonna decorate it!! and hopefully live there long enough to enjoy and not waste my effort on decorations.

          Make a polaroid images decorations on my room's wall

            Dress-up everyday but I do not have the courage or the fashion sense to do it for every single day. And in Malaysia, it's so hot that even with a layer of tee-shirt, it is still hot. Plus I have extra pounds around my arm and belly, so it's kinda fugly with some clothes. How to wear fashionable clothes?? And the sceneries here ain't that pretty neither wokay. (blame the surroundings). Actually, I just think it's a waste of time and I'm just lazy too. Gahhhh!! MUST CHANGE THAT KIND OF THOUGHT.

              Plan an exciting camping trip for me and friends. 3 days 2 nights people? Some where nice... A deserted island. Romantic isn't it? xoxo


                  Play Final Fantasy 13... 14, 15, 16 ,17 and etc!!!!

                    That reminds me. I wanna play The Sims (PC) again. but this netbook.. can't... install... :(

                      okay, cannot help but post this pic..
                      Get married. ~(-3- ~) (~ -3-)~

                        Work overseas. Who would want to work in [blah] right?? umm... yeah..

                          To miraculously survive the 2012 world-end-disaster-like-the-Mayan-predict if it really will happen. Then I can be sakai and be one with the natures, zebras, black horse, giant white tiger which I can ride too, monkeys who I can teach Jinx-lish (new language by Your Highness),  dinosaurs  and become like the mother-fudging-Great-Ancestor to the next generation. Okay, maybe the animals will start to mutate and become fiends or monster. Oh great, a fantasy world come true. I can now kill fiends with my awesome blades and guns while wearing costumes that ain't gonna be costumes in the future.... or die before having any chance.

                            Dude, I have to maintain my level of imagination and randomness. Or level it up.

                              Write a bible...... wtf? okay, no.

                                Intense gym session. Somebody please make me do something! I can't help giving up on every sports! EVEN RUNNING! DX So far I can only do one thing related to sports, that is whining about it.

                                  Learn to read Japanese and Korean.

                                    Have a try at skateboarding, skating, rollerblading or so?

                                      I hope I can start to scratch one of these want-to-s after I graduate or so *or never*. When when I have a career I don't think I can haz so much free time. =.=. Unless I get married to a handsome billionaire prince or am a blogging star.. but pehhh~

                                      and also, that would mean "when me and my friends growing apart from each other more" period. I hope wherever they are that time, they would make time for us to go out on that camping trip. ohoho. That's too much to ask. :(

                                      *All image from Tumblr*

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