What am I gonna do with these heels...

About few months ago, I bought these heels on an impulse. I can't stop my inner-shopaholic and I gave in to the devil and spend my $$ on this. And now.... I have to idea where I can where this to. Because it's friggin HIGH and it pains me when I wear it. Heck, I can't even walk properly in these!
But one thing I can't deny, that is, it look absolutely gorgeous. 

I can now understand why I bought it even though I have to waste so much $$. Fly away edy~~
Sigh, maybe I'll wear it to some dinner or some event that don't require me to walk much...... I can wear it in my house? *roll eyes* 
I will never gonna buy these kinda killer heels again unless I can walk properly in them.  
I haz repent.


I only have this pose. 
Man, how much time I have wasted to get the pose right and to take this picture. 
No model talent. DX

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