12/3/11 ♥

Family dinner to celebrate my uncle's recent marriage
My grandma, brother, aunt, uncle, godzilla cousins came to Shah Alam!

of course, i will start off with a vain picture of mua.
it's a must for every *erhem* girl blogger. lol

idk y my face so mushy.. 
My grandmama putting on some make-up. LOL
No kidding, my grandma not only know how to make-up, she knows how to play game consoles, become a princess (like that one time she puts on my crown headband, true story lol) and enjoy doing some mask. So "in"! My awesome grandma.  haha

she so blur when i'm taking pictures. keke. so cute.
Moving on to my next victim.
Now my time to stalk my brother and annoy the hell out of him.
Damn chio.. why my face kenot be more handsome like him?
First step of stalking : Approach your victim quietly so he doesn't notice what you're really doing.

Second step : Force him to take picture with you. 
Kidding, I only did that to him because he so damn camera shy and kept looking at the computer
Keep "Sudden Attack"-ing since he came here. 
Cz hometown no internet for him to play. Pity.
That's how i went through my high school too, without internet. But it's good thing though.

This time no need force ady..
I use the threat method. 
"If you don't smile at the camera, I will friggin rob you and take all of your money in your wallet where you carelessly threw at the table there"
This threat always works... because he damn kiam siap one
So scared of losing his precious money
*Oops, his secret is out. Now everyone going to use this method against him*

and again, when she got all dressed up. :D

Guess who??

sleeping after dressed up. okay..... sleepy head. keke
Which girl don't like to take selca you tell me?
Especially when she doesn't look like her normal self. keke.

got caught red-handed while selca-ing by aunt.
and she joined in. hehe

damn this angle.. cun! xP

Okay, enough pictures of my face. Vain-ness enough for today. 
To the dinner place we go~

My uniqlo jacket on her. see, told you, she very "in". :)

look down on me, sial!

Young aunt look so bored. lol.
I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, the camera died. I forgot bring charger back from MMU. orz. Damn, my memory getting worse. Keep forgetting things. 
There isn't much things anyway at the dinner. We were all in the "VIP room" where we are not together with the other crowd. At least it's not noisy inside, but we couldn't see anything that is happening outside. Like when they played the picture-video of the two married couples and when they are giving some speech or whatever. Just ate some typical Chinese food and then we went back. That's it. End.

yeah, it's kinda abrupt. :P

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