It's been awhile since the 4 of us hang out. Man, I miss the old times. :) Been hanging out less because of our own things and so...
We went to walk around Alamanda and dinner @ Pizza Hut~! I love cheeesseeeeeee~~

shasha trying to hide. lol

I look like I just woke up. LOL. 
I was dead tired after walking so much and doing all sorts of things. I just wanna say one thing, I don't like extra responsibilities.... but I ended up taking it. Urgh. Maybe it's a good thing since it's making me walk more. I've been sitting to much during the holidays. Lemme sweat a bit then.

Rika pwnage 
Took this while she was off-guard. kekekeke!~

Puff-fish face
damn, selca skills deteriorating.

I present to you the correct LOL expression. 
By Farhan.

okay, this one failed attempt. lolz

Couldn't catch a movie though. T.T I wanna watch so many movies actually. There are so many new movies screening this month! Me wannttttssss~!!! Cinema~~~~~~

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