Girl talk : Skinship

What a coincidence, 13th March is Hug an Engineer Day and I'm writing something that has to do with hugging. This is actually a very touchy subject. *Oh lol I just made a pun. Touchy as in touch, like touch skin = skinship. Get it?........ OTL what am i doing...*

well, it looks kinda romantic in this pic. oh lol
e.g. Patting shoulders, treat me as an arm-rest, shake hand, sitting real close to each other. I don't dislike it. But I only like to touch people I'm really close with or comfortable with or girls that I wanna get close to. Because skinship makes people become friends faster. THAT'S what I think lah. I don't know if it's scientifically proven or not but it works for me. I'm okay too if a stranger touch me cause well it's kinda neutral. But if it's a super good looking guy, I would of course blush.... and crave for more! XP Hey, the world is unfair and I'm a realist. *Click to read about what realist I'm referring to*  lol. And if the person I don't really like or I feel uncomfortable with touches me, I would make "The TSK" sound and then proceed to frown that can last up till 5 seconds. I know it's mean, but that's my way of saying "don't touch me". That includes my car agent uncle, refer this post where my hand got molested.

I'm a Malaysian and I'm Chinese. I think Malaysians don't like touching each other cause it's not really common to see us hugging while saying our hi and goodbyes. In my case, well I find it uncomfortable for me to hug anyone, including girls. I don't really like the bumping-chest-to-chest hug. LOL. I don't initiate hug and you will never see me initiating one any time soon. But there is some exceptions ; my really close family members,my korean bias :9 and of course, my future boyfriend/husband/자기/whatever-you-call-it.  I can hug myself really well too without problem actually. keke.
Oh, there was this 1 time I was caught off guard where it was after my exam and I was on the phone. This friend of mine was so happy that exam ended and he started to spread his arm and walk towards me. I didn't even have the chance to respond. That dude was already hugging me. orz. Western influence. Yeah, I'm saying about you, hobo-man/Farah. LOL. That's actually the first time ever a normal guy friend hugged me. Don't do that again without my permission kay??

So girls and guys, what say you?
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  1. haha i love hugs, i hug all of my guy friends and my girl friends ( no homo ) haha and when i see someone sad im like " I JUST WANNA GIVE YOU A HUG" haha