Miss me??

Start off with a random recent pic of mine. 
Damn, these pictures make me have this temptation to buy DSLR. 

Anyway, I've been in blog-coma for a week..... I think it's okay, you guys can just re-read my old posts when there isn't any update. XD Actually, I prefer my old way of writing blogs but then I can't emulate my past-self. Maybe that's because I don't have any appropriate English class anymore since highschool. University's Eng class is hellavu boring and useless, I can tell ya.
Kay, shouldn't digress so much....

What have I been doing for the past week?
This is the reason to my absence.
no, we did not colour it by hand. All we need is some photo editing.
For the whole week, I was actually making paperballs for this thing right here. It ain't small, it's friggin huge that made it to the Malaysia Book of Records. I'm actually quite thankful that they didn't aim for Guinness World Record.
Since this is my blog, and I am free to express my feelings however I want..... Here goes....

Dear  淫虫
Hi, I hope you are doing fine on this great morning and I hope you are not out there, still calling some random phone numbers (especially girls) while you are sleeping. You've done a really great job!!...... in pissing people off! I don't owe you any favours and neither do anyone. SO, PLEASE don't use that kind of "I'm your employer/boss/big-fat-motherass" tone when you're speaking to us. As a leader, you should have portrayed a good example for us to follow and not half-assed actions that you wasted your energy on; eg. Walking here and there for the past few days talking on the phone with a blur expression, taking a bath or rest when your volunteer can't even have the luxury to do that, sitting there building castle in the sky, blur till can lose keys some more and wasted our energy (there is still a lot of newspaper balls locked up in some room but can't use it because of this), wasting money calling those people who already know what to do, it's very annoying to see your miss-calls, and **** GIVING AWAY STUPID CHEAP CHOCOLATES WHEN WE'RE BUSY DOING YOUR ORIGAMI NEWSPAPER. You should know... it is pointless to do so... and you weren't even helping, you were halting our origami-masterpiece process. You have to know, we did help you, we didn't even have any decent sleep when some are suppose to be busy with their own things and events. Please don't make stupid calls again when we know what we have to do. We don't need you to remind us every day like we're doing nothing at all. Oh, and a warning for you. Do not ever, i said EVER, push someone's head (especially if it's a girl). It is very rude and it is a very disrespectful act. 
You don't know how big the damage that it can cause. Do you even know why people cease to help you anymore, because your thanks weren't even sincere. Heck, you didn't even thank me, ignored me some more. Please be grateful to everyone instead of claiming those useless phone calls credit. Please be really grateful for the person who do mostly of your job, and I mean that superwoman who are still very sleep-deprived because of you.
hello random moustache macho Shia Labeouf

My love letter so long. :X oops.

Kay la, think happy moments, happy moments, happy moments..... Happy............... MOMENTS!!! Okay, I'm not pissed off any more. But I have to get back to my Engineering & Society notes. Midterm test today!!!!! Wish me luck. 

Till next time!

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