Sore Thumbs

Conflicts tends to happen everywhere any time. 

Worse if it gets to the point where somebody lose their control and starts backfiring. When one gets too much power, they tend to think they can do anything. They might hurt someone without noticing it and forcing a very much complicated situation.

When we're starting, it seems so wishful. Dreaming high is great, but dreaming "too high" is another story.
At this point, asking seems like forcing already. Asking for a favour too many times sounds like you're making someone do something without their consent. Worse when they try to guilt you into doing something. I know it's a desperate attempt, you may achieve to make someone do things for you, but in a long run, people might think you are taking them for granted and then it's gonna be ugly.

People start to stand up and do things that you're not gonna like.

I can see many have a very simple mind. They vent their anger to hate somebody who's not helping them out. I know you're helping out in a great way and some of us aren't. But... do you even have to right to hate somebody when they only did it because they don't want to???? It's their responsibility? THINK AGAIN PLEASE. Here, people start being sarcastic enough to say something stupid and make other people angry too, and the chain continues. It's like fire spread. It will never cease until it calms down on it's own.
If you can help out, then go ahead. But you do not have the right to be dead angry at someone who just don't want to do the things they don't wanna do, okay?

When someone says no, please don't force them. There is no joy in forcing people. 

Some even tends to think "If I can do it, why can't he/she do it too??!?". We understand your great sacrifice. I'm gonna burst your bubble, not all people are as great as you. Not all are willing to take the risk. Not all are wanting to do that. Not all can stand it. Not all are willing to sacrifice. We are all selfish creatures. 

I'm not saying who's right and who's wrong here. This is not that kind of situation. Some times, just try to put your feet into another's shoe and maybe you might think rational and differently.
For those who can help out and want to help out, go ahead. Help is always appreciated.

It's never easy on you, but it is never easy for anyone either.

I know i did wrong things too and i acknowledged it. I apologize when I have to.

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