The hardest question that we face everyday.

What's for dinner?
What you wanna eat?
Go where eat ha?
Can think any new place to eat?
Apa makan?
Hoi, 等下要吃什么?
What you want for dinner later? *i actually miss hearing this one from my grandma T.T*
What you feel like eating tonight?? I can eat anything so it's up to you to choose. *my mum's favourite sentence*

I cannot stress enough on how annoying this question sounds every single day. Not only my family and friends like to ask me that. Even I ask MYSELF that everyday too.

If you're living in MMU Cyberjaya (or anywhere that is surrounded by humongous amount of trees, roads, or inanimate object except animals/rodents. You see hutans and babi hutans in your vicinity) and you ain't got a car or even friends who has them or you don't have any friends at all, a loner like me. Believe me, I feel you dudes/dudettes. I know your pain just like I know abc is not 123. Worse if you live in the hostel like me. There are food stalls (and believe me, most of them sell foods that are not even tasty at all!) here but can you seriously eat the same thing every single day? Not only at night for dinner, but also to breakfast and lunch too! *Or you can call it brunch, a two-in-one combo package at 12pm* The more worse when you decided to add in "Tea-time" or "Supper" into your schedule.
Like wut? MAMAK FIESTA everyday?!?!?! Holy-flying-cow-on-an-aiplane-shwt. NO WAY JOSE!
I wouldn't complain about the price of the food here since it's not as bad as in KL. They pretty much scam everyone's money there even for inedible food that taste like crap. But still....

For those who are going to open a food stall/restaurant/cafe/etc... Please be sure to pass a cooking exam first. Go take a Phd or Master first before opening one. Or else you're gonna waste precious ingredients from Mother Nature and that is call wasting. Wasting ain't good. Wasting ain't good, you got that?! Bitch, don't waste food! FOOD PRECIOUS, TASTY FOOD PRECIOUS, MY PRECIOUS.
You no good cook, you NO cook. 
*my inner luanlegacy burst out. my apology*

I miss the normal food I eat during my holiday already. T.T 

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