10/4/11 F1 Sepang

A VERY VERY long due post.. 
Worked @ F1 Sepang for 2 days. 
How great is it? I can WATCH the F1 and GET PAID.
Isn't that awesome??? 

spot the vulgar one.. lol

A very empty field

My effort on making a panorama picture.. Okay, really bad 

Post this just for fun.. :X spot the hot chick

like ants!

They drink beers like H2O


All trashbugs
I don't have much things to say, but only rants. 
First of all, F1 for me is fudging boring and noisy. I don't find any joy in watching people race. I don't even know what's happening. I don't know who's winning. I don't know who's losing.... Oh wait, I know this one, cause I saw a very loser-like driver. Maybe just because I have no interest in these things only I say like that. 
Second, if you ain't rich, don't ever come here. Just stay at home watch the tv if you can. Cause it's hot here, it's dirty here, the foods taste like shwt and it's damn expensive. I work as the vendor I also feel ashamed. Feels like we're scamming the people who came to watch. But mostly also ang mohs come here and watch.

Mineral water/Orange juice/Can drinks - RM 5
Ice-cream - RM5
Beer - RM15
Food (Burger/Hot dog which taste like... urgh...) - RM25 

It's a SCAM I TELL YA!!!
The end.

tsk tsk.. Free stuffs up for grabs but I didn't take anything

Traffic jam on the way back
At the end of the day, I was tired like hell. But it was worth it since the pay was high. :X

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