Another random post...
I LIKE LA! WTF! lol!!!

oh shit.. resize wrong size ady... suan liao

Look like an uncle
Damn, cannot stop laughing.. XDDDDD


Busy body die also don't wanna go out of the room.
so 8!!!
Finally drag him out though.. lol

why i look like a kid here??

I don't know why the fudgery all the pictures look so noob and blur. 
oh lol. 
I just wanna said I'm happy because I have the friends (and of course my family) I have now. Who supports me no matter what. Who will tell me what's right and what's wrong. But still, the world doesn't work like that. It's much more complicated and it cannot be explained by mere words. But the most important thing I think is  how we feel inside. When you feel it's wrong, then trust it. When it feels right, trust it too. 

I feel hungry now. Okay, random. Again.

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