Went to MMU Malacca for some Mandarin-pop song composing sharing night event. I know what you are thinking. "Why this banana go listen to mandarin song?? She understand mehhhh???" Honestly, I don't understand. But I know a good song when I hear it no matter what language it is in. *erhem
But honestly, I can't understand any of the lyrics. Too flowery. *Derp*

the booklet. I loike the background.

Cyberjaya branch MMU-nians in a row.

Poor Leo. Alone behind. haha. 

The MC for the night
 Me no likey the MC. Me no likey his dirty and vain jokes either. 

There's 13 composed songs for us to choose from then we can only vote for 1 song. So many batu songs, no likey again. It is like noise to me. In the end, I voted for the only acoustic song cause I like acoustic genre type of songs.

Oh, I didn't know they were having a concert too until out of nowhere, a guy started to give a speech behind the audience and starts to sing like nobody's business.

Seriously reminds me of the old-school Taiwan rock-star style.
I mean... come on, he was wearing shades!


Believe it or not, in this picture shows the process of him throwing his shades to the crowd.. Yeah, it was like he's the main star of the "concert". Actually, this was the most interesting part out of the whole event. I was laughing all the way. XD hahahaha! So, he deserves a big clap for being such an awesome entertainer.

Went to try Satay Celup for the first time. 
It was so-so.. No pictures and not much comment, paiseh.

Our Car ran out of petrol on the way back. First experience too. lol.
"We were actually quite lucky already", as quoted from my friend.
Adelyn was still sleeping soundly inside the car amidst what was happening. 
Superwoman needs her beauty sleep. haha.

Abrupt ending again.

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